Phase 3 - Changes on the Budapest-Vienna railway line

2023. november 16. csütörtök, 10.11 / Utolsó módosítás: 2023. december 11. hétfő, 08.51

The reconstruction of the Budapest-Tatabánya line is entering its third and final phase, passenger train services on the Budapest-Vienna line will change significantly due to track renewal from 18th November to 9th December 2023.
International passengers can expect longer journey times. For domestic services, shorter train journeys and replacement bus services are expected. 

Please plan your journey using only the website or the MÁV app, which you can also access by clicking here.
Trains running the whole route:

During the morning rush hour, international trains (Railjet xpress, EuroCity, EuroNight) and some domestic trains provide a non-stop service.
International trains (from/to Vienna, Linz, Munich, Zurich, Stuttgart) will run the whole route between Budapest and Hegyeshalom (Austria), but will not stop between Tatabánya and Kelenföld. They are also available for domestic passengers, but have limited seating and standing capacity. International trains can expect 10-25 minutes longer journey times.

During the morning rush hour, G10 trains and some passenger trains will run on the full routes:

• train G10 (4919) from Győr to Déli station, originally scheduled to depart from Tatabánya at 5:34.
• passenger train (9309, 9307) from Hegyeshalom to Keleti station, originally departing from Tatabánya at 6:29 and continuing at 7:29
• G10 trains (9314, 9306) from Keleti station to Győr and Hegyeshalom, originally scheduled to depart at 16:01 and 17:01, will also run the full route, but won’t stop at Biatorbágy and Bicske alsó
• At night, train G10 (9318) from Keleti station to Győr, originally scheduled to depart at 21:40, will also run its full route.

Trains that do not run between Tatabánya and Biatorbágy, or Tatabánya and Budapest-Kelenföld:

S10 trains will run only between Budapest-Déli and Biatorbágy and Szárliget and Győr.
From the S10 train between Szárliget and Győr, it is recommended to change to the replacement bus at Tatabánya station.

The S12 trains will run only between Budapest-Déli and Biatorbágy stations and between Tatabánya and Oroszlány stations, according to the modified timetable.
Between Budapest and Biatorbágy, passenger trains will run every half hour departing from Déli and Kelenföld stations.
InterCity trains from Szombathely, Graz and Sopron, as well as the Dráva and Mura InterCity trains, will run only to Tatabánya, from where they return to Győr.
Shuttle services between Tatabánya and Budapest-Kelenföld are provided by InterCity buses.
Passengers of the Dráva and Mura InterCity trains must be transferred at Szombathely station.

Replacement buses:
The S10 and S12 passenger trains will be replaced by three types of replacement buses with different stops:

• between Biatorbágy and Tatabánya, buses S10 stop at every stops, but at night they run between Budaörs and Tatabánya
• between Biatorbágy and Tatabánya, buses X10 without stopping between Biatorbágy and Tatabánya. Intermediate stations and stops will not served.
• between Biatorbágy and Bicske, buses S100 during the morning and afternoon rush hours
• between Bicske and Tatabánya, buses S101 during the morning and afternoon rush hours
• Instead of InterCity trains, replacement buses will run hourly between Budapest-Kelenföld (Etele square) and Tatabánya, connecting to InterCity trains. Intermediate stations and stops are not served. The journey time between the two stations is expected to be between 60 and 70 minutes.

Non-running trains:

• On weekday mornings, the G10 trains from Bicske to Budapest-Kelenföld at 6:20, 6:50 and 7:50 will not run (4827, 4837, 4847).
• On working days, the G10 trains from Budapest to Győr departing from Budapest-Keleti station at 18:01 (9308) will not run.
• On Fridays, the G10 train (9304) from Budapest to Győr departing from Budapest-Keleti station at 15:01 will not run.
• On Sundays, the InterRegio trains Győr-Tatabánya-Budapest-Keleti and Sopron-Tatabánya-Budapest-Déli will not run.
• On 2nd and 9th December the ADVENT EuroCity trains between Budapest and Vienna will not run.

On 18th and 25th November the Railjet xpress 261, originally scheduled to depart from Vienna at 21:40 will arrive at Déli station instead of Keleti station. 

START Europe

Due to possible delays during the construction works, START Europe train tickets will be cancelled. Passengers travelling between Austria and Hungary via Hegyeshalom or Szentgotthárd border stations, can travel on any train within the validity period, not only the train indicated on the ticket. With this change, passengers who are planning a transfer are advised to allow for longer transfer times in case of delays so as not to miss their desired connection.
Timetable, tickets and contact
The modified timetables will be available on our online platforms from Saturday.

To plan your journey, please use only the website or the MÁV app, which you can also access by clicking here. For more information, please call +36 (1) 3 49 49 49.

Phase 3 - line 1

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