Travel by night trains

With the night trains you can spare time – while you’re sleeping we’ll carry you without luggage restrictions and traffic jams to your destination, where you can start your holiday or business relaxed.

MÁV-START provides overnight journeys from Budapest to Stuttgart (via Wien and München), Zürich (via Wien, Innsbruck and Feldkirch), Berlin (via Bratislava and Dresden) and Braşov (via Miercurea Ciuc) throughout the year. Beside the conventional 2nd class seats – as known from day trains – you can also choose couchettes and sleeping cars, where you can spend the night in real beds – safely and undisturbed thanks to the lockable doors and the steward, who also collects your tickets for controls on the way. Food and drink is included – but if it wasn’t enough, you can buy even more from a wide range at the stewards.


Couchettes mean a comfortable and safe overnight facility for affordable prices. Four- or six-berth compartments are equipped with pillows, sheets and blankets – beds are made by the passengers. Compartments are co-educated, but on some routes also ladies’ compartments are available. Guests are welcome with mineral water and snack in the evening and simple breakfast in the morning.

Service included in couchettes

Welcome package in the evening:

  • 0,5 l mineral water (still)
  • chocolate-rum candy

Breakfast contains:

  • hot drink (coffee, hot chocolate, tea) or apple juice upon choice
  • sweet or savory pastry

Fekvőkocsi belső

Sleeping cars 

Sleeping cars give more privacy and intimacy, close to hotel rooms. Compartments contain one, two or three beds and a washbasin, and sold either gender-sorted or for exclusively use. Ready-made beds with quilts await the passengers, as well an extended welcome package. In the morning feel free to choose your breakfast – if the train has a dining car, you can consume it even there.

Service included in sleeping cars

Welcome package in the evening:

  • 0,5 l mineral water (still)
  • chocolate candy bar
  • salted peanuts
  • 0,2 l apple juice
  • 0,2 l champagne (only in Single accommodation)


  • in trains without dining car you can choose 7 components from the menu card for free,
  • in trains with dining car you can order there any breakfast with a voucher, or you can make also „cold” and „sweet” breakfast to be brought into your compartment.

Hálókocsi belső

Best prices for night journeys (limited availability, non-refundable):

  seats couchettes sleepers
Budapest - Braşov from 29,60 € from 43,60 € from 57,60 €
Budapest - Berlin, Stuttgart, Zürich from 29,00 € from 54,00 € from 79,00 €

To Poland, Czech Republic, in the Ukraine and other regions of Romania you can travel by night carriages of our partner railways – their service level may be different from MÁV-START’s. To get into main Western European cities like Venice, Milan, Rome, Amsterdam, Brussels or Paris take ÖBB’s Nightjets from Wien – we offer discounted connecting tickets to access them.