FAQ – domestic travel

If you are travelling in Hungary, you can find information on this from the questions and answers below.

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Ticket purchase options

JegyvásárlásYou must purchase a ticket if you travel on our trains. You do not have to validate your ticket at the station, on the platform before boarding the train, this is done on the train by the ticket inspector. Our colleagues may, in certain cases, ask you to present your ticket on the platform even after alighting the train, so please always keep your ticket until you leave the station.  

Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office at the station during opening hours in most cases. It is generally possible to purchase a ticket from the vending machines at main stations if the ticket office is closed or does not operate. Tickets, supplements, seat reservations, tickets for bicycles and live animals can be purchased for any domestic train from the vending machine. We recommend using the vending machine to avoid having to queue at the ticket office, which not only saves you time, but also money, since we offer a 5% discount off the ticket office price for these purchases.

JegyvásárlásTickets can be purchased on the train from the ticket inspector without having to pay any additional charge if there is neither a ticket office nor a vending machine at the station. It is possible to pay in cash in forints at the ticket office, when using the vending machine or to the ticket inspector and it is also possible to pay by credit card in most cases. Domestic tickets cannot be paid for in other currencies.   

In addition to the above, you may also purchase your ticket electronically. This allows you to conveniently purchase the tickets needed before travelling when you are planning your journey at home or even from your hotel room. Click here to purchase a ticket online. You need to register before first use. You can pay for the tickets purchased online by credit card. If the system does not accept your card, please check whether online purchase is authorised for the card and, if necessary, purchase the ticket at the ticket office or from a vending machine. During the course of the online purchase process, you may opt to collect the ticket from the ticket vending machine at designated railway stations, print it or present your ticket to the ticket inspector by showing the screen of your electronic device.   

JegyvizsgálatWe send you a receipt code via email following the purchase when you collect the ticket at the vending machine and the machine prints the tickets purchased after entering this code. Should you select this option, remember that it is only possible to collect tickets from vending machines at certain stations. You can find detailed information about this on the ticket purchase site. We wish to draw your attention to how the email sent confirming the purchase and the ticket collection code does not authorise travel. We give you a 5% discount off the ticket office price for collecting the ticket at a vending machine.

You may also present the PDF document received via email by printing it on a white A4 paper sheet or on an electronic device (such as a laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.) to the ticket inspector should you select collection from a vending machine. The ticket is issued to you, so you have to certify your identity by presenting a photo ID (such as a passport, identity card) when the ticket is inspected. The ticket is only valid for the period and journey specified on it, may be used on any given train; however, this does not apply to supplements or seat reservations. It is your responsibility to ensure that the device used to present the ticket functions. If you print the ticket at home, please make sure that the data on the ticket and the QR code is legible, do not crease the paper or fold it at the place of the QR code. We always offer a 10% discount off the ticket office price in the case of electronic tickets. We offer a 20% discount off electronic tickets purchased for trains marked with @ in the timetable search. Travel in comfort on our trains carrying fewer passengers to save money. 

Jegyvásárlás a Vonatinfó mobilapplikációnWe recommend installing the MÁV application on smartphones if you not only wish to purchase a ticket, but also wish to have fast access to railway transport information. The Hungarian application can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. Mobile Internet access is required to use MÁV application; however, tickets purchased via the application can also be presented in offline mode on the train to the ticket inspector. We likewise offer a 10% discount off these purchases. 

You will be fined if you are unable to present a valid ticket on the train, the ticket (including supplementary ticket) is not valid for the given time or train of if you were not entitled to the discount. The amount of the fine depends on the infringement committed and the date of payment. You can get detailed information on fines at our customer service offices, from the MÁVDIREKT telephone customer service (+36 1 3 49 49 49) or the ticket inspector on the train.  

With the exception of advance tickets, the railway company indicates the date of issue, which is the first valid day, and the first and last day of validity on the ticket when it is issued. Tickets issued for a distance of 1-100 km are valid for 4 hours, within which interval the passenger may freely select time of travel. Journeys commenced within this period of validity by using such a ticket may be completed following the expiry of validity if the passenger is travelling on a train directly reaching the destination indicated on the ticket. The journey must be completed by 24:00 p.m. on the final day of the period of validity indicated in the case of other tickets.

Prices and concessions

A ticket must be purchased on all domestic trains. The price of the ticket depends on the distance, the journey and concessions offered. 1st and 2nd class tickets are available; however, there is not a 1st class car on every train.

MÁV-START charges supplementary charges on top of the price of the ticket on numerous long distance services, such as a rapid train supplement, seat reservation or supplement and seat reservation. Both the ticket and the supplement ticket must be presented to travel on these trains (generally, semi-fast trains, fast trains, express trains, InterCity, EuroCity, EuroNight, Railjet). Information on trains running along the planned route in which case supplementary charges are charged is available at ticket offices, while the supplementary charge that must be paid to travel on the selected train is automatically charged when the ticket is purchased from a vending machine or online. The supplementary charge may vary based on the distance, the selected line, the time of travel and the date of purchase.

We also offer a discount off the ticket price for foreign nationals in certain cases. See the following table:

Concession Rate For all foreign nationals For EU nationals only Note
Children 100% yes no accompanied children under 6 on any class
Children 50% yes no 6-14 on 2nd class
Student 50% yes no with valid student card only
Over 65 years 100% no yes unlimited on any domestic train; with valid identity document only
Under 26 years (Friday-Sunday) 33% yes no from Friday 10:00 a.m. to Sunday 24:00 p.m. on any train
Family 90% yes no 1 or 2 parents travelling with at least three children
Family 33% yes no one or more passenger travelling with a child under 18; 1 or 2 accompanying persons
Adult groups 10-19 people: 20%
20-49 people: 33%
From people: 50%
yes no Group travel concessions are offered for minimum 6 passengers travelling in a group organised by any person or organisation from the same departure station to the same destination in the same car or a ticket has been purchased for minimum 6 passengers. Click here to download the Group travel declaration form. You can send it to the service sales point competent in the region.

Go to our ticket offices or the customer service office at major railway stations if you wish to get a refund. Our staff give you information on how to get a refund. With the exception of railway failures, we charge a 20% service charge on refunds, so please plan your journey with care before purchasing the ticket. 

We recommend buying an Interrail pass if you plan to travel around Hungary by train or visit to several rural destinations. The pass offers unlimited travel during its period of validity. Click here for detailed information on Interrail.


MenetrendIt's most practical to find information on train timetables by using the online timetable search. Make sure that the departure station and the destination and the time of travel is provided accurately, because the result obtained may vary based on these. The online timetable search always displays the timetable that includes current, seasonal changes.  

Visit our customer service offices at major railway stations should you wish to receive information in connection with the timetable in person or ticket offices around the country if there is no customer service office in your area, where our staff is able to give you information on train services. It is also possible to request information by phone by calling MÁVDIREKT call centre: +36 1 3 49 49 49. You can also ask for help to plan your journey by writing to the email address informacio [KUKAC] mav-start.hu.

Passengers with disabilities

KerekesszékPersons with disabilities and their relatives can receive information and order services by calling the toll-free number +36 (80) 630 053.

Please request assistance by the following deadline:

The railway company needs to be notified if assistance is requested at least 48 hours beforehand. A single notification is enough, if there is sufficient information available in connection with time of further travel if the passenger has a ticket valid for multiple journeys.

This service may be ordered online, in writing or by phone or via fax.

To make it easier to book, the railway company publishes a booking form on its website, which includes the data required to plan the journey. Passenger identity and notification data only needs to be provided when making the first booking; it is enough to refer to the data in the case of further journeys. This data has to be provided for each booking.   

•          Booking email address: megrendeles [KUKAC] mav-start.hu

•          Address for bookings made in writing: MÁV-START Zrt. Operations Directorate, 1087 Budapest, Könyves Kálmán krt. 54-60

•          Booking by phone: toll-free +36 (80) 630 053 by leaving your data

Special train, private car

It is possible to request a special train and private car on both domestic and international train services. Contact MÁV-START ticket office for further information and booking:

Email: charter [KUKAC] mav-start.hu, Fax: +(36) 1 511-1001

Luggage rules

CsomagokEvery passenger may take maximum 30 kg of hand luggage on trains without having to pay any extra charge. This limit is 15 kg for children under 14. The size of the hand luggage may not exceed 30x50x80 cm per piece, with the exception of prams, umbrellas, walking sticks, etc. Please do not occupy other seats other than your own one, place the luggage in the luggage rack or under your seat. 

Objects that may damage the physical integrity of passengers, their clothing, luggage or the railway car, as well as hazardous materials that may cause a fire or explosion, poisonous, radioactive, corrosive, disgusting materials or materials capable of spreading viruses cannot be taken on the train in the form of hand luggage. Transportation of objects that represent a risk to public security as defined by law are likewise prohibited. 

Certain objects, items cannot be transported in 1st class cars. Contact our customer service office, ticket office or us by phone before travelling to receive further information on these.

Transporting bicycles

Timetable pictograms used for transporting bicycles:

Ŏ Bicycle transportation is forbidden
Õ Bicycle transportation in the designated area
ư Bicycle transportation in the designated area. Bicycle reservation must be booked.
Ʊ Train with bicycle car
Ʋ Train with bicycle car. Bicycle reservation must be booked.
Ő Bicycle transportation in the designated area on international trains. Bicycle reservation must be booked. No bicycle transportation on domestic trains.

Kerékpárszállítás2 bicycles may also be transported at the end of the first or second class cars of trains without the above pictograms in the timetable, with the exception of cars in which seat reservation is compulsory.

Conditions for transporting bicycles

One passenger is allowed to take one, maximum 300 watt bicycle equipped with an electric motor on the train.

Children under 12 may only take bicycles on trains if accompanied by an adult.  

Bicycles with a maximum wheel size of 20 inches (50.8 cm) in diameter can only be transported by purchasing a bicycle ticket and by complying with other rules regulating bicycle transportation (whether it is folded or not). A bicycle ticket must also be purchased if the passenger disassembles the bicycle (for example, removes one of the wheels), but transport the parts on the same journey.

Every bicycle with a wheel size of 20 inches (50.8 cm) in diameter or less and bicycles originally manufactured as one wheel bicycles (monocycles) can be transported free of charge

  • folded or packaged in the passenger compartment;
  • at the end of the car without being packaged, irrespective of whether it can be folded.

On trains marked with the pictogram Ŏ, except in the buffet, sleeper car or couchettes, if it does not obstruct other passengers.

It is sufficient to cover the parts of the bicycle capable of dirtying the train and causing damages.

Children under 14 may transport children's bicycles with a wheel size of less than 20 inches (50.8 cm) in diameter free of charge in the passenger compartment on any given train, if it does not obstruct other passengers. 

Transporting special types of bicycles

Tandem bicycles may only be transported on trains marked with the pictogram Ʊ and Ʋ in the bicycle compartment, cannot be transported in other areas of the car (such as the area in front of the first and last car, multifunctional area). 

A bicycle ticket must be purchased for the tandem bicycle.

Bicycle trailers can only be transported on trains marked with the pictogram Ư, ư, Ʊ, Ʋ in the designated area marked with the bicycle pictogram. More than one bicycle trailer can only be transported in the bicycle compartment. One passenger may only transport one trailer, if the passenger is also taking a bicycle.

Bicycle trailers may be transported by purchasing two additional bicycle tickets on top of the bicycle ticket and the passenger's ticket. So, passengers transporting one bicycle with a wheel size of more than 20 inches (50.8 cm) in diameter must have three bicycle tickets in addition to their ticket. This rule equally applies to discounted bicycle tickets, free bicycle tickets, bicycle tour tickets, bicycle passes and bicycle reservations.

Transporting bicycles for groups

We recommend this for groups on trains marked with the pictogram Ʊ and Ʋ in the timetable. 

If travelling in a group, please always notify the railway company for it to be able to increase the bicycle transportation capacity on the given train, depending on the capacity available. It's worthwhile notifying the company on regional lines, if there are 4 people in the group.

Transportation of at least 6 bicycles on a train is qualified as group bicycle transportation. Group bicycle transportation may only be requested minimum 7 days prior to the planned journey in the case of group travel reported to the service sales point competent in the region and paid for, if it is possible to satisfy the request made.

Contact the service sales point competent in the region for details on further conditions.

Live animal transportation rules

KutyaszállításLive animals can be transported in 2nd class cars (only blind dogs and the service dogs of handicapped persons are allowed in the 1st class car and the buffet car). With the exception of dogs, tickets do not have to be purchased for live animals. A live animal ticket must be purchased to transport dogs, regardless of the size of the dog and that the dog is taken into the passenger car on a leash or in a crate (cage, basket, etc.). 

Small live animals may be transported in 2nd class cars without a suitable carrier and medical examination, if the carrier (basket, cage, crate) ensures that the animal cannot escape from it during the journey and it does not cause any damage to passengers, their clothing and hand luggage or train installations. Sick animals and animals with contagious diseases are not allowed to board trains.    

If your are travelling with a dog, please note that one passenger may only take maximum two dogs on the train. Dogs may only be taken into 2nd class compartments with the consent of every passenger in the compartment. Large size dogs weighing more than 20 kg may only be transported at the end of the passenger car and in the multifunctional area on multiple unit trains. Dogs on a leach must wear muzzle. The dog's vaccination certificate must be presented, if you are transporting a dog more than 3 months old.    

Live animals cannot be transported on seats, not even in a crate.

Smoking rules

Tilos a dohányzás!Smoking on trains and at railway stations and the use of devices imitating smoking (such as electronic cigarettes) is prohibited by law in Hungary. Smoking is prohibited on trains, even if there isn't any no smoking sign in the car.