FAQ – international travel

Helpful information for travelling from Hungary to other countries.  

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International destinations from Hungary

Hungary is connected with 11 countries – among them all the neighbourhood ones and its capitals, and even to Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Switzerland.

Availability of international tickets

The full range of international tickets are available only in designated ticket offices on major railway stations and in the center of some cities – see a detailed list of international ticket offices and for opening hours (in Hungarian only).

A limited range of international tickets can be bought online or in the MÁV application, available as pdf for home printing or showing on screens or in the application Click for the online sales page, or download the MÁV application.

Offers for international travels

Keleti pályaudvarStart Europa

Non-refundable tickets in limited amounts at the best prices. Available for nearly all the long-distance day trains from and to Hungary. In ticket offices for journeys between every stations of Hungary and the destination country (or vice versa), online and via app only for the direct trains.

To learn more about Start Europa tickets, click here.


Non-refundable tickets with limited availability and train boundary for night trains at best prices.

Kraków from 14,90 €

Warszawa from 19,90 €

Praha, München, Zürich, Berlin from 29,90 €

Night train offers

Nemzetközi jegyvásárlás

For the night trains to München, Zürich and Berlin flexible tickets with train boundary are sold. There are several discounts for children, groups, pass and discount card holders.

Special offers

Wien Bonus ticket without train boundary and limited refund: 2nd class 39 €, 1st class 59 €.

Tatra excursion ticket, valid for 4 days from Budapest to Poprad-Tatry/Strba and return, including unlimited travel on the Tatra mountain’s tram and railway lines: 49 €

Regional offers

Normal tickets for the border regions with higher discounts and some restrictions.

Standard tickets

Full flexible offers with discounts towards Central and Eastern European countries.

Interrail und Eurail passes

Valid for unlimited travel in the selected countries – or through whole Europe – within the period of validity. Further discounts for buses, ships, hotels, sightseeing and railway museums. Visit the Interrail and Eurail website for further information on the prices and terms of use of these passes.

Discounts for every journey

Családi utazásChildren

Children up to 6 years travel for free, if they are not occupying an own place (held in lap or pram). Between 6 and 14 years 50% discount is offered for standard and special tickets. (Age limits may vary for other countries.) For START Europa and night train tickets special discounts available. No further discounts on SparNight and SparDay!


More than 6 passengers regardless to their ages are entitled for a group discount of 10-60% depending on countries. On night trains group discount is available only for more than six adults, and with no further child discount.


RAILPLUS grants 15% discount for undiscounted standard tickets, for night train tickets even more. It’s sold as a pass, or already included in customer cards like DB’s BahnCard or ÖBB’s VorteilsCard.

Carriages and comfort classes

SeatsŰlőhelyes kocsi

2nd class on every day and night trains. 1st class with more comfortable seats and on some routes extra services is available on day trains – in the Railjets to Austria, Germany and Switzerland even a higher level with Business Class.

Night services

Couchettes are ideal for low-cost passengers and bigger families, while sleeping cars provide more comfort and intimacy for business travelers, couples and small families – however, in some carriages the adjacent compartments can be combined as suite.

Features of the two classes:

CAF 4 személyes fülke Hálókocsi



Sleeping cars

Passengers in one compartment

up to four or six

1, 2 or 3

Gender sorting

mixed, women’s compartment available on some trains

sorted by gender, people travelling together can book an own compartment

Sanitary facilities

common toilets and washrooms

en-suite washbasin, common toilets, some carriages common shower room
several trains have DeLuxe compartments with own bathroom

Bed linen

Pillow, blanket, sheets – passengers make their own bed

Pillow, quilt, sheet – beds are made by steward

Service included

Mineral water, small breakfast

(not on every routes)

Sanitary kit, welcome package with snacks and drinks, complete breakfast

(not on every routes)

On-board cateringHungária étkezőkocsi

Dining or buffet cars are running in many day trains in Central and Western Europe with cold and hot meals, snacks and drinks. 1st class passengers are served at their seats. On night trains snacks and drinks are available in couchettes and sleeping cars.

Bicycle transport

Bicycles can be carried only in those border-crossing long distance trains, where designated cars with racks are available. A bicycle ticket for 10 € (to some countries only 5 €) and a reservation of rack is obligatory.Kerékpárszállítás

The transport of special bikes like tandems or electric ones may be restricted, excluded or charged with extra fees in several countries

Folded and disassembled bicycles may be taken on any train as hand luggage free of charge if it can be placed in the luggage rack or under the seat.

Disabled passengers 

The accompanying person of the blind and passengers in wheelchairs (certified by official passes) can travel free in many countries – only reservations have to be paid. Guide dogs of the blind can be carried for free without the restrictions for animals.Kerekesszékes utazás

Carriages with wheelchair places, lifts and accessible toilets are available in every day trains towards Wien, Bratislava and all the countries beyond.

Carrying of animals 

Small dogs and other non-dangerous animals (cats, birds) canKisállatszállítás be transported in safe-lock cages for free. Dogs without cages can be carried only leashed and muzzled, with a half-price standard or special tickets. Animals – particularly dogs – are restricted from dining cars, in some countries also from 1st class and night carriages. Amount of animals per person may be limited too.


PoggyászszállításThere are generally no size or weight restrictions, except some countries. Every person can carry three items as hand luggage – among them suitcases, packages, prams, sport and music instruments. They have to match the legal and custom orders of the countries, and also the special rules for dangerous goods.

All the items have to be placed, without disturbing and blocking other passengers, or damage them, their belongings and the carriages - possibly in luggage racks, under the seats or in vestibules. Larger items should be also disassembled, folded or packed.

General rules and conditions of carriage

The following rules apply to international travel.