FAQ – international travel

If you are travelling from Hungary to an other country, you can find information on this from the questions and answers below.  

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Where can I travel to from Hungary on an international train?
What of the timetable of these trains?

 Állomási tájékozódásThere are currently direct international trains to 11 European countries from Hungary. These counties of destination include every country neighbouring Hungary, as well as Northern and Western European countries. Click on our map for travel destinations and trains.

Click to view the timetable of international trains in PDF format. The annual standard timetable of the trains is presented in these documents, which, however, may deviate due to track construction or for other reasons.

You can browse the continuously updated timetable for a given train in the timetable search. Searches can be run by providing the station from which and to which you wish to travel and the travel time.

Where can I buy international tickets?

Nemzetközi jegyvásárlásAll international tickets can be purchased at international ticket offices, which are located in the ticket offices at the major railway stations or the city centre in certain major towns. Click for the list of international ticket offices and for opening hours (in Hungarian only).

Certain international tickets can be purchased online. Tickets purchased online must be printed prior to departure at the ticket vending machine available at designated railway stations in Hungary. The confirmation email received after the purchase and the ticket receipt code does not authorise travel. Click for the online sales interface.

How much does international travel cost?
Where can I get information on prices?

Nemzetközi pénztárNumerous factors determine the price of international tickets, such as, the travel route and its time, the train and class, the age of the passenger and the number of passengers travelling together. In addition to our contacts, we provide updated information on ticket prices adjusted to your needs in a Messenger message on our thematic Facebook page, as well as at our international ticket offices.

What type of ticket would be the best option?

Keleti pályaudvarThere are numerous types of international tickets. Finding the best one for you depends on whether low price, flexibility or comfort is most important for you. We offer a good solution for everyone thanks to the various international tickets. The main types of tickets and what they offer is listed below.

Standard ticket (Non Reservation Ticket – NRT)

This type of ticket offers the greatest flexibility. These tickets can be purchased to almost any railway station in Europe, single and return, on 1st and 2nd class. Only the route and the validity is set in the case of NRT tickets; however, it is possible to take almost any train and break your journey as you like. (These tickets are not accepted on certain routes and some of the high-speed and night trains; further information on this is available at the international ticket offices.)

We offer a discount off the price of the NRT ticket price to numerous neighbouring countries for return tickets and also single tickets in certain cases. It may not be possible to break the journey with these discounted tickets; however, they are typically valid for a longer period than the standard tickets.

NRT tickets do not include the seat reservation, which may, or must be in the case of certain trains, be purchased separately.

Global price ticket (Integrated Reservation Ticket – IRT)

These tickets are only valid on the given day and for the given train and include the seat reservation. It is only the number of seats on the train that sets a limit for travelling. It is not possible to break the journey with IRT tickets.

SparDay and SparNight ticket

These tickets offer the opportunity to travel at the best price and the seat reservation is included in the price. These tickets are only valid on the given day and for the given train, cannot be refunded or exchanged. Tickets are offered at various prices to most destinations. If there are no more lowest price tickets available, SparDay and SparNight tickets are available at a higher, but still favourable price (except to Kosice, Slovakia).

The following SparDay and SparNight are currently available from Budapest in coach cars from the following prices:

Country Destination Lowest 2nd class price Lowest 1st class price
Croatia Zagreb 15 € not available
Austria Vienna 13 € 29 €
Graz 19 € 35 €
Poland Warsaw, Katowice 19 € 29 €
Krakow, Auschwitz, Czechowice-Dziedzice 19 € not available
Romania Bucharest, Ploiești, Sinaia 29 € not available
Brașov, Craiova, Miercurea Ciuc, Dej, Deva, Gheorgheni, Băile Herculane, Sibiu, Siculeni, Toplița, Târgu Mureș, Sighișoara, Sfântu Gheorghe 19 € not available
Arad, Oradea, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara 15 € not available
Switzerland Zürich 39 € 59 €
Slovakia Košice 9 € not available
Slovenia Ljubljana 15 € not available
Czech Republic Prague 19 € 35 €
Brno 14 € 29 €
Ostrava 19 € 34 €

Special ticket

Special tickets offer a more flexible way to travel than SparDay and SparNight tickets and are cheaper than standard (NRT) tickets. These tickets are only available for 2nd class and without breaking the journey. Ticket refund is limited or not possible and is only valid for direct trains in certain cases.

Special tickets do not include seat reservation, which may or must be purchased separately for certain trains.  

We currently offer special tickets to the following destinations:

Country Destination Single price Return price
Croatia Zagreb 25 € not available
Pula, Rijeka 39 € 49 €
Montenegro Bar not available 66 €
Macedonia Skopje 29 € 49 €
Poland Warsaw not available 49 €
Krakow, Katowice not available 39 €
Romania Arad, Oradea not available 25 €
Timișoara not available 32 €
Cluj-Napoca not available 42 €
Târgu Mureș not available 49 €
Sibiu not available 52 €
Sighișoara not available 55 €
Miercurea Ciuc not available 59 €
Gheorgheni, Brașov not available 60 €
Serbia Subotica, Novi Sad, Vrbas, Bačka Topola, Sombor 12 € 20 €
Slovakia Bratislava 9 € 17,50 €
Košice not available 20 €
Poprad not available 28,50 €
Nové Zámky not available 10,50 €
Štúrovo not available 6,50 €
Slovenia Ljubljana 29 €
(via Croatia: 39 €)
49 €
Koper 39 € 49 €

Trip ticket

Trip tickets are a great offer for anyone that just wishes to spend a few days or possibly a long weekend at the destination. These tickets are valid for 4 days for return travel on certain routes from Budapest to the destination within this period (these are generally the routes of direct trains or the shortest route in the case of transfer).

Trip tickets are only available on 2nd class. Tickets do not include seat reservation, which may or must be purchased separately for certain trains.

Special trip tickets are available to Vienna and Prague, which are also valid on the entire municipal public transport network on the first two days in Vienna and on the first three days in Prague.   

Trip tickets are currently available to the following destinations:

Country Destination Price
Austria Vienna 33 €
Vienna, valid for public transport 43 €
Wiener Neustadt 19 €
Graz, Linz 39 €
Salzburg 45 €
Bad Gastein, Bad Ischl, Kitzbühel, Zell am See 69 €
Klagenfurt, Villach 79 €
Innsbruck, Jenbach, Lienz 89 €
Slovakia High Tatras (Poprad and the mountain railway lines) 36,50 €
Czech Republic Prague 49 €
Prague, valid for public transport 59 €
Brno 39 €

City-Star ticket

There are two types of City-Star concessions, which vary in terms of the offer and geographical validity.

City-Star tickets to the Czech Republic are available unlimitedly for return travel only on 1st and 2nd class. We mostly offer these tickets for small groups, i.e. families, couples, groups of friends, since every passenger pays half price after the second passenger, while children travelling in the group only pay 25% of the price of the ticket.

City Star tickets do not include seat reservation, which may or must be purchased separately for certain trains.

Single and return City-Star tickets are available to Austria or Germany via Austria on both 1st and 2nd class. The train on which you cross the Hungarian-Austrian border or the Austrian-German border (if you are travelling to Germany) must be selected when purchasing the ticket. City-Star tickets are not valid for crossing the border on other trains.

Interrail und Eurail passes

These passes are valid for unlimited travel within the period of validity and in the region selected. Extra charges are charged for certain trains on top of the Eurail or Interrail pass and seat reservations need to purchased separately, are not included in the price of the pass. Visit the Interrail and Eurail website and our Interrail and Eurail page for further information on the prices and terms of use of these passes.

What other international concessions are there?

Családi utazásChild concession

Available for every type of ticket, with the exception of SparDay and SparNight rickets. A 50% discount is offered in most cases. Infants may travel free of charge if they do not occupy a seat, berth or bunk. The lower limit of free travel and the upper limit of child concession varies by country, about which you can get information when you purchase your ticket or by contacting us.

Group concession

Csoportos utazás

In most cases we offer a discount on standard (NRT) tickets and certain global prices from six adults travelling in a group. Two children and two adults form a group in terms of group travel. The rate of the concession and the minimum number of passengers required to be eligible for it varies by country. Groups of more than 10 passengers must be declared in advance to the following email address: charter [KUKAC] mav-start.hu


Passengers holding a RAILPLUS pass are eligible for a 15% discount off the price of standard (NRT) tickets. The discount is also available for the holders of certain customer cards of other railway companies, such as the German Bahncard or the Austrian Vorteilscard and Österreichcard.

What type of cars are there on international trains?

Ülőhelyes kocsiSitting car

There are generally two car classes on sitting cars: 2nd class and 1st class offering a wider range of amenities. These are called Economy and First class on Railjet xpress trains to Austria, Germany and Switzerland and there is also a Business Class on these trains offering greater comfort. The seats are wider and more comfortable, there is more legroom and passengers are, in certain cases, offered extra services on first class.

Night travel

HálókocsiThere are couchettes and/or sleeping cars on night trains offering a relaxing and safe travel experience on beds with linen. There are 4 or 6-berth mixed compartments in couchettes and there is are separate female-only compartments on certain trains. Travel in the sleeping car if you are looking for greater comfort and wish to have a more intimate experience than a couchette. You can spend the night in single, 2-berth and 3-berth compartments here. There is a washbasin in the sleeping car compartment, while there is even a private toilet and shower in certain more superior sleeping cars (DeLuxe cars).

On-board catering

ÉtkezőkocsiThere is a buffet car on numerous international trains where you can sit down to a table that is set and have a snack, meal or drink watching the countryside pass by. The railway companies of various countries operate the buffet car, which offers you the opportunity to try the tastes of a variety of cuisines during your trip.

How can bicycles be transported on international trains?

KerékpárszállításWe not only offer comfortable and safe travel for you on several international trains, but also for your bicycle. It is important to know that it is only possible to transport a bicycle on international trains that have a bicycle car. We offer trains that take bicycles all year round on certain routes or only in certain periods, seasonally on other routes.   

Bicycles may currently be transported internationally on the following routes and trains:

All year round:

  • on all EuroCity trains from Budapest to Štúrovo, Nové Zamky, Bratislava, Brno, Praguw, Dresden, Berlin and Hamburg;
  • on all Railjet xpress trains from Budapest to Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Zurich;
  • on all trains along the Győr – Mosonmagyaróvár – Bruck a.d. Leitha – Vienna route.


  • on Adria fast train from the middle of June to the beginning of September to Zagreb and Split;
  • on Citadella fast train from the middle of June to the end of August to Hodoš, Murska Sobota, Ljubljana, Koper;
  • on Hargita InterCity train from the end of May to the beginning of September to Oradea, Cluj-Napoca, Miercuria Ciuc and Brașov;
  • on Istria fast train from the middle of June to the end of August to Hodoš, Murska Sobota, Maribor, Ljubljana, Koper.

A valid international bicycle ticket, as well as seat reservation in certain cases is required to transport bicycles. Price of a single international bicycle ticket to Croatia, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia: 5 € / bicycle; to the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and Switzerland: 10 € / bicycle.

Folded and disassembled bicycles may be taken on any train as hand luggage free of charge if it can be placed in the luggage rack or under the seat.

What opportunities do passengers with disabilities have to travel on international trains? 

Handicapped passengers and passengers in a wheelchair

KerekesszékPassengers in a wheelchair may sit in cars designed for them on certain international trains. There is place for the wheelchair in these cars next to the window or the table, while devices can be recharged by using the adjacent plug. There is an accessible toilet in the car.  

Trains with cars accessible for special needs passengers:

  • all EuroCity trains to Štúrovo, Nové Zamky, Bratislava, Brno, Prague, Dresden, Berlin and Hamburg;
  • all Railjet xpress trains to Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Zürich;
  •  all EURegio trains the Győr – Mosonmagyaróvár – Bruck a.d. Leitha – Vienna route.

Passengers that hold disability cards (or corresponding official certification) issued in their respective country are eligible for one free ticket for the accompanying person. The accompanying person must pay the extra charges, pay for seat reservation. This concession is not valid in every country. Information on this is available at international ticket offices.

Blind passengers

Passengers holding official documents certifying blindness issued in their respective country are eligible to receive an international ticket free of charge for one accompanying person. The accompanying person must pay the extra charges, pay for seat reservation. Free tickets are also available for guide dogs. This concession is not valid in every country. Information on this is available at international ticket offices.

How can live animals be transported on international trains? 

Small dogs that are not dangerous may be transported on international trains in a dog crate as hand luggage. A ticket does not have to be purchased to transport the animal in this case. Dogs can be transported without a crate, on a leash and with a muzzle. An international live animal ticket has to be purchased in this case. Transportation of live animals, in particular dogs, is not permitted in every country, in every car and on every class. There is a limit on the number of animals one person may transport in certain countries. Information on this is available at international ticket offices.

What rules are there for hand luggage?

PoggyászszállításIf you are travelling by train, you only need to take account of the following principle on international trains; there are no weight or size limits: every passenger may take maximum three easy to carry items as hand luggage. When taking larger items, such as skis, musical instruments, prams, you need to make sure that these can be placed in the place designated for these on the train, in the luggage rack or under the seat. These large items may need to be disassembled, folder or packed.

What are the general rules for international travel?

The following rules apply to international travel.