Our mission and future vision

FLIRT külső

Former passenger transport department of MÁV is working as a subsidiary company since 2007, providing all the services necessary for providing high-level passenger transport.

Among the nearly 14 thousand employees of MÁV-START there are all the workers, who are inevitable for passenger transport: ticket vendors, conductors, engineers, vehicle inspectors and the maintenance staff.

The main goal of the company is the continuous development of quality of the passenger transport in Hungary and Europe – and therefore its recognition and respect. Its most important base- is providing high quality, passenger friendly service with excellent expertise, allowing the clients to reach their destinations with a positive travel experience. 

This is supported by effective working, rational organizational background and contemporary developments. The aim of the company is to be the synonym of a modern and continuously developing railway both in domestic and international traffic with the ongoing modernization of rolling stock, the quality improvement of passenger comfort, sales and passenger information systems, and the introduction of up to-date, environmentally friendly means and solutions.