Our mission and future vision

FLIRT motorvonatSince July 2007 we have managed to launch the operation of MÁV-START Vasúti Személyszállító Zrt – a subsidiary exclusively owned by MÁV ZRt. whose main activity is railway passenger transportation – in such a way that we have embarked on developments in some key areas. It means that we have insisted on our ideas regarding our business policy, service development and finally infrastructure modernisation. We cannot have any other aims but to increase the competitiveness of the railway, to stop the decrease in the number of passengers. That is why we continue the developments that we have started, and are doing our very best to find new methods and beneficial financial constructions.

Cases in point are the purchase in very beneficial construction of the 8 Desiro trains or the story of launching the railjet trains. Despite the meagre development resources we have managed to enter into a cooperation agreement with the most efficient railway company in the European long-distance travel. As a result the role of Vienna and Budapest in organising international traffic may increase. In addition, the two railway companies jointly operate world-class connection between Budapest and Munich.

It all means that there are opportunities for development. The success of Internet based ticket purchasing is a proof of this. And there is no end to development, mobile phone based ticket purchasing is planned to be introduced this year. The next step will be to modernise the passenger information system through better cooperation within the MÁV Group.

The management of MÁV-START Zrt. was successful in 2008. We closed the year without capital loss, our financial balance was even positive. We have neither medium-term, nor long-term loans, meaning that there is no burden whatsoever on our budget. We seem to be able to realise this in 2009 too.

It is a major achievement that for the first time last year the public service contract was concluded in MÁV, and now the preparation of the same contract for 2009 in under way. This will really make our budget plannable. Nevertheless our key task is to require all MÁV employees – not only the employees of MÁV-START – to deliver in a quality way in order to maintain a quality service. Therefore we have identified our internal reserves within our organisational development programme. The objective is to put an end to redundancies and wasteful practices in daily work and thus make processes well-oiled and efficient!

Apart from the technological and technical development of railway passenger traffic, our most important objective remains to increase the number of railway passengers. That is why we have launched and continue to develop our web-site, and extend its services.