MÁV Group – serving our travelers and customers

MÁV Magyar Államvasutak Zrt is a railway company owned by the Hungarian state. Looking back at more than 140 years of existence, the roughly 30 companies of the MÁV Group carry out diverse activities; standing out among them is our railway operation and passenger transportation provided under public service contracts signed with the Hungarian state. Additionally, the group of companies delivers various services to railway companies engaged in freight transport, as well as domestic and foreign business and railway companies.

7275 km railway

37 thousand employees

1.1 million trains a year

More than a century of experience and continuous development

Performance of the company group’s activities is highly coordinated; railway operation, passenger transport, and support services are structurally separated. Thus, the passenger transport division focuses on demands of the travelers, while infrastructure management takes care of operation, maintenance and development activities. Leveraging its experience for more than a century, the MÁV Group develops its services continuously, raising the quality of its activity for the benefit of its business partners and traveling clients, as well as meeting its owners’ expectations.

The future is on the right track

A few years ago, the MÁV Group clearly embarked on a journey of development, which meant establishing an even more efficient, customer and traveler-oriented organization.  Purposeful steps have been made in this regard, and several economic indicators have confirmed them.

Good economic indicators

The MÁV Group reported consolidated balance sheet earnings of HUF 2.3 billion in 2012

Reliability of financing is ensured by:

  • the 10-year public service contract of MÁV-START
  • MÁV’s railway operation contract for several years.


  • Significant improvement has been achieved in cost efficiency and a more economical management
  • Parallelisms have been eliminated within the group
  • Cost-effective technological developments have been made
  • The traveler-friendly approach was strengthened


  • Continuous track and station reconstructions
  • Free Wi-Fi in 700 cars
  • Several hundred railway cars renovated
  • Acquisition of 42 newer Stadler motorcars
  • Optimization of internal processes