International bicycle transport

Travelling by train is one of the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation, perhaps rivalled only by cycling. But this two can also be combined with a great advantage: on several international trains we offer a comfortable and safe way of travel - not only for our passengers but also for their bikes.

International trains with bicycle transport

From Hungary bicycles can be transported in designated coaches to Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Romania, Switzerland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

For information about trains with bicycle transport carriages please check the timetables.

International bicycle tickets

Bicycles can be transported with an international bicycle ticket and (in most cases) with a reservation for a bike space. This can be purchased not only to countries accessible from Hungary by bicycle trolley, but also to Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Denmark. Please check the bicycle transport options of connecting trains before travel.

The price of an international bike ticket in most countries is distance dependent: €5 to Croatia, Romania and Slovenia. In regional traffic bicycles can be transported for €2.
Rules of carrying bicycles on international trains
  • in Hungary, a bicycle ticket is issued together with a bicycle identification card, which contains the details of the corresponding bicycle ticket and the name and address of the passenger, which must be attached to the bicycle being transported
  • the bike ticket is valid for 4 days. A maximum of two consecutive train journeys may be booked free of charge for a single ticket
  • from Hungary, petrol-engined and recumbent bicycles and trailers other than those used for the transport of children may not be transported in international traffic. Other countries may also restrict the transport of tandem (two-seater) bicycles
  • to transport tricycles and trailers, two bicycle space reservations must be purchased
  • the passenger must take the bicycle on and off the carriage and place it securely in the designated place
  • the railway companies are not responsible for luggage and accessories (e.g. lights, speedometer, pump) left on the bicycle
  • folded or dismantled bicycles may be transported on any train, provided that they are packed in such a way as not to obstruct traffic (e.g. on the luggage rack or under the seat)