Introduction MÁV

Infrastructure management activity

As the operator of the largest part of the Hungarian public railway network, MÁV Zrt supervises the operation of roughly 7,000 kilometres of railway and the related necessary infrastructure. The parent company’s division dedicated to this activity, and with the greatest number of employees, carries out the complete scope of operation, traffic control and maintenance activities, as well as the some of the renovation works. The special division performs a variety of activities using its own resources, while aiming to save on cost. MÁV’s railway network is used by more than 30 railway companies, to whom the company provides its various services.

Length of the railway track network: 7,275 km

Length of dual track: 1,180 km

Length of electrified lines: 2,633 km

Length of international core network: 2,611 km

Number of trains operated in 2013

Passenger trains: 962,841

Freight trains: 140,351

Other trains: 223,376

Total trains: 1,326,568

Number of stations: 610

Number of stops: 729

Number of interlocked routes: 2,490

Train kilometres (year 2013)

Passenger trains: 73,877,000

Freight trains: 16,180,000

Other trains: 7,607,000

Total trains: 97,664,000

Gross ton km (year 2013)

Passenger trains: 18,067,335,000

Freight trains: 19,660,829,000

Other trains: 1,028,544,000

Total trains: 38,756,708,000