Interrail and Eurail Passes

Unlimited travel around Europe – this is what Interrail and Eurail offers. Whether you would like to see the most you possibly can in one country or the entire continent and whether the travel experience itself or the destination is what is most important, these passes offer a great solution for every age group and wallet. 

Interrail and Eurail passes are available for the Hungarian railway network, with which you can discover the various regions and sights in Hungary at an affordable price. 

General information

Interrail and Eurail is a pass that, depending on the selected category and validity, allows its holder to travel freely within its period of validity on trains operated by companies that accept these passes. 

Citizens of member states of the European Union and citizens of Albania, Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belarus, Gibraltar, Iceland, Kosovo, Lichtenstein, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Russia, San Marino, Switzerland, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, the Vatican, as well as Great Britain and Northern Ireland from 29 March 2019 may purchase these. Citizens of countries outside the EU and listed above may purchase the Eurail pass. 

The Interrail is strictly personal, non-transferable and valid alone. An identity card or passport must be presented at purchase, which you must also have with you during the journey and show it to the ticket inspector at request.  

Global, as well as One Country passes valid in Europe are available in the range of Interrail and Eurail offers.

Passes do not include seat reservations and extra charges. If you wish to reserve a seat, we recommend that you get a seat reservation on the selected train, if possible. Seat reservation is compulsory on certain trains, on which the seat reservation must be purchased along with the Interrail and Eurail pass.

Concessions based on age, such as the Global or One Country pass:

  • Passengers over 60 are eligible for the Senior pass;
  • Passengers under 28 are eligible for the Youth pass;
  • Maximum 2 children under 12 may travel free in the company of a passenger with an Adult pass (with a free Child pass); a Youth pass must be purchased for every additional child; 
  • Passes do not have to be purchased for children under 4, except if they occupy a separate a seat, berth or bunk.

Rail Planner app iconUseful tip: download the Rail Planner application onto your smartphone, which helps you plan your train journey in Europe. The application includes European timetables, discounts available for Interrail/Eurail pass holders, as well as lots of other useful information. Numerous functions of the application function without Internet access in offline mode.

Interrail / Eurail Global Passes

The Interrail/Eurail Global Pass is the best option for you if you wish to visit as many sights as you can in Europe during your holiday or would like to visit a distant country.

This pass is valid in 30 countries in Europe, including Hungary. Unlimited travel is offered with this pass in the selected car class in the railway network of counties in which the pass is valid, on the trains, on trains operated by MÁV-START and GYSEV in Hungary.

Types and prices of Interrail/Eurail Global Price passes:

Type of the pass Validity 1st class 2nd class
Adult Youth Senior Adult Youth Senior
Flexi passes 5 days within 15 days 358 € 286 € 321 € 269 € 208 € 242 €
7 days in 1 month 425 € 340 € 382 € 320 € 255 € 289 €
10 days within 1 month 509 € 407 € 457 € 381 € 305 € 344 €
15 days in 1 month 626 € 501 € 563 € 472 € 376 € 424 €
Continous passes 15 days 562 € 449 € 507 € 421 € 337 € 380 €
22 day 657 € 526 € 592 € 493 € 394 € 444 €
1 mounth 850 € 681 € 767 € 637 € 510 € 574 €

You can travel for free throughout their entire period of validity with the Continuous pass.

Flexi passes offer free travel on the days selected within their period of validity. Accommodation offers and travel discounts offered with the pass may be used within the period of validity on days other than the selected travel day. 

You only have to provide the day of departure, regardless of the departure and arrival time of the night train, if you travel on a night train and do not wish to continue your journey by using the pass in the country of destination on the day you arrive.

Interrail one-country passes

The Interrail or One County pass is your best option if you only wish to discover the sights of a single country by making excursions from a city or touring around the country. 

One Country passes are available with a validity of 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 day and are valid for one month. You choose the day on which you wish to travel, but pay attention to how travelling to and from a country is also a travel day. The rule for night travel equally applies to this pass. 

One Country passes offer every discount in a given country that Global passes do; however, you need to purchase a separate ticket to the border of the selected country to travel to the country of destination, if you are travelling by train. Other international discounts are valid for this journey and One Country passes can also be purchased for countries in between.

One Country passes are offered in Hungary for the following price:

Usability 1st class 2nd class
Adult Youth Senior Adult Youth Senior
3 days within 1 month  123 € 98 € 111 € 92 € 80 € 83 €
4 days within 1 month 152 € 122 € 137 € 114 € 99 € 103 €
6 days within 1 month 205 € 164 € 185 € 154 € 133 € 139 €
8 days within 1 month 253 € 202 € 228 € 190 € 164 € 171 €

Buying Interrail / Eurail passes

Interrail and Eurail passes are sold at the following places in Hungary:

Further information:

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