Travel between Ukraine and Hungary

Conditions of usage of Solidarity ticket from 15th September 2022

a, Free travel for Ukrainian citizens, or people with Ukrainian resident permit with a Solidarity ticket is possible only on 2nd class


  • stations and stops of the line Záhony – Nyíregyháza (Záhony, Tiszabezdéd / Tuzsér, Komoró / Kisvárda-Hármasút / Kisvárda / Ajak / Pátroha / Gégény / Demecser / Kék megállóhely / Nyírbogdány / Kemecse / Sóstóhegy / Sóstó / Nyíregyháza)
  • Hidasnémeti / Nyírábrány / Biharkeresztes / Lőkösháza


  • Budapest-Keleti / Budapest-Nyugati / Kőbánya-Kispest / Zugló / Budapest-Kelenföld / Hegyeshalom / Szob

and also from

  • Budapest-Keleti / Budapest-Nyugati / Budapest-Déli / Kőbánya-Kispest / Budapest-Kelenföld


  • Hegyeshalom / Szob

b, Solidarity tickets can be issued only:

  • at the cash decks of the stations, listed in point a) or;
  • on board of trains departing from there, upon presentation of appropriate personal identification document;

Solidarity tickets can be also used for international journey in the Hungarian section of the route. Before international journey we recommend to visit official websites of related countries for further information about current travel conditions.

c, For other journeys in domestic traffic, discounts are provided upon current legal regulations, for example:

  • children under 6 years are travelling free of charge (on any class of carriage with an accompanying person);
  • 50 % discount for children between 6-14 years ( 2nd class only);
  • 90 % discount for families with at least 3 children  ( 2nd class only);
  • Applicants for refugee status or people, recognised as refugees/asylum seekers/displaced people (forced migrants) may travel free of charge on 2nd class on the route indicated in the certificate, issued by Hungarian Migration Authority (Hungarian Directorate-General for aliens policing).