MÁVDIREKT - for information

MÁVDIREKT – one of the most modern telephone customer services in the country, available for local tariff – is at your disposal.

Our colleagues provide information about domestic and international timetable, prices, reductions.

Phone number: +36  (1) 3 49 49 49

E-mail: informacio [KUKAC] mav-start.hu

Following you will find the structure of menu system:

                1             domestic trip information

                2             international trip information

                3             booking online or by ticket machine

                               1              booking online

                               2              using ticket machine or asking for help in case of failure of the machine

                4             START Klub card information

                               1              general information about the  START Klub card reduction

                               2              START Klub card renewal

                5             comments, suggestions

                6             special information

                7             dept information, redemption

                8             English language information

                9             reserving a seat (only for START Klub VIP and Start Klub Premium holders)

                *             returning to main menu