New phase of renovation on Budapest-Vienna (Wien) line

Total closure of the Budapest–Tatabánya (–Győr–Hegyeshalom–Vienna) line
The reconstruction of the Budapest-Tatabánya line is entering its third and final phase, passenger train services on the Budapest-Vienna line will change significantly due to track renewal from 18th November 2023.
International passengers can expect longer journey times. For domestic services, shorter train journeys and replacement bus services are expected. 

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Between 27.10.2023 and 17.11.2023, significant changes in train traffic are expected due to the ongoing reconstruction of the Budapest-Győr- Vienna (Wien) railway line. The next phase of the reconstruction involves a total closure of the line between Budapest and Tatabánya, thus affecting the trains running between Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Ukraine and Hungary. Replacement buses and longer journey times should be expected. All passengers are requested to check the updated train timetable before travelling.

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In summary, the following traffic conditions are expected for long-distance trains during the closure:

  • Budapest – Vienna – Salzburg – München railjet xpress trains run on a shortened route between Vienna and Tatabánya. Replacement buses with longer journey times run between Tatabánya and Budapest-Kelenföld.
  • Budapest - Vienna EuroCity trains run only between Wien and Tatabánya. Replacement buses with longer journey times run between Tatabánya and Budapest-Kelenföld.
  • Budapest – Graz – Ljubljana trains run only between Graz/Ljubljana and Tatabánya. Replacement buses with longer journey times run between Tatabánya and Budapest-Kelenföld.
  • The Kálmán Imre EuroNight train on Budapest - Vienna - Zürich and Budapest - Vienna- München - Stuttgart line runs on a different route, according to a different timetable, with no stops between Budapest and Vienna.

Train replacement buses between Tatabánya and Budapest:

  • Train replacement buses run between Budapest-Kelenföld (Etele tér) and Tatabánya.
  • Train replacement buses to Austria depart40-50 minutes earlier than the original departure time of the trains.
  • Train replacement buses arrive 40-50 minutes later to Budapest than the original timetable.
  • There is an hourly train shuttle service between Budapest-Kelenföld and Budapest-Keleti (G12), traveling by metro M4 is also recommended (separate ticket for public transport required).
  • The map of TörökbálintBicske and Bicske alsóAlsógallaTatabánya station is available from here

Transit trains Austria – Romania & Austria – Ukraine

The disruption also affects the following trains:

  • The following trains are also affected:EC 140/149 Hortobágy (Vienna – Budapest – Chop [Чоп] – Kyiv [Київ])
  • EC 143/146 Transilvania (Vienna – Budapest – Cluj-Napoca / Baia Mare)
  • EC 12346/12347 Dacia (Vienna – Budapest – Cluj-Napoca – Braşov – Bucureşti)

When heading west, the mentioned trains run only to Budapest-Keleti, including the sleeping and couchette coaches. From Budapest, passengers can continue their journey with a replacement bus from Budapest-Kelenföld (reachable from Budapest-Keleti by G12 shuttle train or metro M4) to Tatabánya, from where day trains are available in the direction of Vienna. Passengers are expected to have longer journey time.

When travelling eastward, these trains depart from Budapest-Keleti railway station at the original departure time. Due to the extra transfers, we recommend passengers to leave at least 1-2 hours earlier in order not to miss the night train from Budapest.

In order to minimise the inconveniences and assure connections for passengers Romania / Ukraine – Austria & Austria – Romania / Ukraine, additional replacement buses run between Szolnok and Tatabánya – and also in opposite direction – connecting to the trains Kyiv-Wien and Bucureşti-Wien. Please note that this schedule means changes between train and bus in the early morning and in the late night.

Night trains between Budapest and Germany / Switzerland:

The Kálmán Imre / Wiener Walzer train EN 462/463, running between Budapest and Germany / Switzerland is also affected. The trains run on a diverted route without stopping, via Slovakia.

  • The train does not call at Budapest-Kelenföld, Tatabánya, Győr, Mosonmagyaróvár, Hegyeshalom stations.
  • The train from Budapest-Keleti  departs significantly earlier, at 19:00. (instead of 20:40)
  • The train arrives in Budapest-Keleti significantly later, at 11:20 (instead of 9:19)

Until November 5, due to additional maintenance works in Austria, the night service Zürich-Budapest runs separately, ending in Győr at app. 11:00, from where passengers can reach Budapest via Tatabánya.

Domestic trains:

  • Stopping trains (S10, S12) only run between Szárliget and Biatorbágy stations. Replacement buses run between Tatabánya and Biatorbágy stations. Please note that there are several replacement routes, some of which do not serve every station.
  • InterCity trains run from Sopron and Szombathely only to Tatabánya. Replacement buses with longer journey times run between Tatabánya and Budapest-Kelenföld.

Railjets from Budapest via Vienna to Munich

run only as far as Vienna (rjx 60, rjx 62, rjx 64, rjx 66, rjx 68). Passengers on these trains can continue their journey from Vienna to Munich by another train.

For those travelling with the earlier train, free reservations (including bicycle) are available, subject to availability.

If you have to cancel your trip due to transfer, we will refund the price of the international ticket already purchased (for the unused part of the journey) without any handling fee.

Passengers' rights and possibilities:

  • Train-bound tickets for the international trains are also valid on other trains within their validity period.
  • Due to the circumstances, the non-refundable tickets are exceptionally refundable. Requests must be submitted at the customer service of the ticket issuer railway company.
  • If the last train of the day is missed, all reasonably incurred costs (e.g. accommodation) will be compensated. A claim can be submitted to MÁV-START’s customer service (informacio [KUKAC]

Due to an extraordinary renovation there will be train replacement bus service of the Budapest-Hegyeshalom main railway line between Győr and Budapest-Kelenföld. The replacement bus service will starts with train 1035 on 26th of October 2023 till train 1032 on 18th of November 2023. Budapest-Déli pályaudvar will not be served.
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