Information about international railway traffic

2015. szeptember 10. csütörtök, 14.25 / Utolsó módosítás: 2015. november 20. péntek, 13.18

Railway traffic between Hungary and Austria (and Switzerland) without interruptions

Starting from 18 September, the Railjet, EuroCity, EuroNight and EURegio international trains are operating according to the timetable towards Vienna and other major Austrian cities as Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck and Graz. SparSchiene railway tickets and Trip tickets are available for the direct trains on discounted prices.

The Railjet and EuroNight trains to Switzerland are running according to the timetable.

Changes in the railway traffic between Hungary and Germany

International railway traffic of day and night trains on relation Budapest – Bratislava – Prague – Berlin – Hamburg is going on according to the timetable.

Because of the border control introduced between Austria and Germany, the Railjets and the seat cars of the Kálmán Imre (EN462/463) night train to Munich are running only on the relation between Budapest and Salzburg until further notice, while the couchette and sleeping cars of the EuroNight train are out of operation until further notice. 

According to the information from the DB German Railways, the railway traffic is suspended between Salzburg and Germany caused by the reintroduction of border control.

On direct trains from Vienna to Germany travel is possible only until Salzburg. The alternative routes are as follows:

  • For travelling between Vienna and Munich the DB German Railways advices to use the  Kufstein – Wörgl – Zell am See, and Passau – Wels routes;

  • On the relation between Salzburg and Freilassing the ÖBB Austrian Federal Railways and the Meridian Regional Railway service provider are operating local trains, which timetable for 16-29 November is available here and for 9-15 November is available here.

More details are available on the website of ÖBB Austrian Federal Railways and DB German Railways

Changes in the railway traffic between Hungary and Croatia

The traffic of international trains between Hungary and Croatia is suspended at Gyékényes and Magyarbóly border stations until further notice. The Agram (IC 200/201) and Rippl-Rónai (IC 204/205) InterCity trains are operated only on their Hungarian section. Currently, it is not possible to travel directly by train between Hungary and Croatia.

(Also the traffic between Croatia and Slovenia is suspended until further notice.)

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