By train to the airport and back to the City

Next Stop: FERIHEGY station - Airport!

Air travellers can easily access the Liszt Ferenc Airport Terminal 2 by train. All trains running on the Budapest-Nyugati - Cegléd - Szolnok line stop at Ferihegy railway station. From Ferihegy station to Liszt Ferenc Airport Terminal 2 bus number 200E or 900 can be taken (5 stops). Close to the platforms an elevator is available for disabled persons too. It is useful to know that the railway journey from the downtown to Ferihegy station takes about 20 minutes and then 10 minutes more travelling by bus to the airport.

Tickets to Ferihegy railway station may be purchased at any rail ticket office or ticket vending machine. Should you land outside of opening hours, and there's no vending machine at your station, you still don't need to worry: during this time you can buy your ticket on the train without extra charges.

If you buy the train ticket in ticket offices where ticket-issuing machines are available, it is possible to buy discounted bus ticket too. The bus ticket is valid together with the train ticket on relation between Ferihegy railway station and Liszt Ferenc Airport Terminal 2.


Information for ticket purchase at railway station Ferihegy:

We inform our passengers that railway tickets to certain destinations can be purchased at Ferihegy station from the vending machines placed on the platforms.

To destinations which are not listed by the wending machines, IC supplementary tickets will be issued without extra charge by the conductor on board.

When the name of your destination cannot be found on the vending machine, please ask the conductor for purchasing your ticket.