Transport Logistic 2015

The future is on the right track

Dear Visitor,

transport logistic logo For most people, the MÁV‐START Railway Passenger Transport Co. means only the trains and conductors, however, much more is at stake! Our company holds all those vehicles, passenger transporting coaches, diesel and electric locomotives, diesel and electric railcars and DMUs, which are necessary for providing the Hungarian railway transportation service. All of these vehicles are fully maintained, repaired and refurbished by the MÁVSTART Co. But that is not all! Our company has produced it's brand new IC+ railway coaches. The IC+ coach was fully planned and produced by the company's own resources, it is capable to operate on speed of 200 km/h also in international traffic, the NoBo certification under High Speed TSI is currently in progress. Over 16 thousand employees of our company is working day‐by‐day to transport 142.5 million of passengers to their destinations with 950,000 trains. Our aim is to serve the passengers with comfortable, punctual and safe trains, but also effectively and cost‐efficiently. We believe, that you will find useful information about our company, you will be interested in, and maybe this will contribute to make business with each other tomorrow. If you have any questions, our colleagues are ready at your disposal.




With regard to the traction activities please find below the contact details:
Phone: +36 1 511 3143, +36 1 511 7273
E‐mail: vontat@mav‐

With regard to the rail vehicle production maintenance and repair activities please find below
the contact details:
Phone: +36 1 511 5281, +36 1 511 5282
E‐mail: jarmujavitas@mav‐

With regard to the rail vehicle inspection activities please find below the contact details:
Phone: +36 1 511 7273, +36 1 511 3143
E‐mail: kocsivizsgalat@mav‐

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