START Europa tickets

International journeys at best price for the whole family

START Europa tickets provide the best prices for 15 countries. Our cash decks sell tickets from nearly every Hungarian station to nearly every one of the destination countries – or return. To destinations, accessible by direct day trains tickets are also available from our online sales system and mobile app „MÁV”.

Children traveling with adults, who have START Europa ticket, can get a ticket to nearly every countries for 5 € on 2nd class and for 10 € on 1st class. (Price of child tickets to Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and the Ukraine depends on distance.)

With an adult holding a START ticket maximum three children between the age of 6–14 can travel.

Price for second-class one way tickets from Budapest -

to Slovakia from 5 €

to Romania from 11 €

to Slovenia from 12 

to Austria and the Czech Republic from 13 €

to Croatia from 15 €

to the Ukraine from 17 

to Poland from 20 €

to Germany from 25 €

to Switzerland from 49 €

to Luxembourg from 52 

to Belgium from 57 €

to Denmark and the Netherlands from 66 €.

Terms of use

Period of validity

2 days (to Romania and in the Ukraine to Lviv and Kiev 3 days)
Tickets purchased online or by app: day of travel

Train boundary

to border-crossing trains*


 for 1st and 2nd class either

 Upgade to higher class

not available

Breaking of journey

not allowed for the route of the border-crossing train*


not available

Discount for children

 for maximum 3 children accompained by adult*

Carrying of dogs

with half price normal ticket

Seat reservation, surcharges

available separately

(Tickets purchased via MÁV application include free seat reservation, at online purchases a discounted reservation fee aplies.)*

 *conditions may vary per countries and railways

START Europa also the MÁV app – easily and contactless

START tickets in the app can be purchased only for the direct trains. Free seat reservation is included.

The Hungarian application (app "MÁV") can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices.

Google play If you use the Android operating system, click on this link to download the app.
AppStore If you use the  iOS operating system, click on this link to download the app. 
These tickets will also be sent in PDF format as an attachment to the e-mail confirming the successful purchase. The PDF ticket can be printed or shown on the screen of a suitable device at the control or forwarded to the person who will travel with it.