Night trip to the Adriatic - direct train connects Budapest and Split

Traffic jams on the highway, driving stress and uncomfortable seats? Long airport transfers and waiting times with inconvenient baggage restrictions? Choose our direct night train to the center of Split, close to the old town and the port! Like in 2021, this year, the renewed Budapest-Split train will feature air-conditioned, quiet-running carriages, with closed-system lavatories, and a wide range of on-board services. Comfortable sleep, full dining experience - and even more spare time thanks to the night journey!

Adria IC


Travel by night?

AdriaMost of the journey between Budapest and Split can be spent sleeping, so it is a relaxing way to get to the destination. In the evening, the landscape of Lake Balaton rocks the passenger to sleep, at night the scent of the forests of the Dinaric Mountains filters through the windows, and in the morning the view of the Adriatic and the train descending on the hillsides are the perfect view to start the day. There is no need to worry about traffic jams and accidents on the highway, or about baggage problems and annoying inspection processes that are common when flying. In Split, the train station is located right on the beach, beside the walls of the old town, near the port. By train you can enjoy the whole first and last days of your holiday: you arrive refreshed and relaxed to the destination in the morning. Travelling by train is convenient and safe – and the most environmentally friendly way.


The train runs from 10 June to 24 September, 3 times a week in the high season and 2 times a week in the pre- and post-season:

  • In the pre- and post-season (in between 10-19th June and 29th August – 24th September) departs from Budapest on Tuesdays and Fridays, from Split on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • In the high season (between 19th June and 29th August) departs from Budapest on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays, from Split on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.


Please be aware that due to temporary technical difficulties, tickets to/from Kaštel Stari are only available at the ticket offices.


Adria IC


The train also has a dining car, where a wide assortment of cold and hot dishes as well as beverages are available. It is open throughout the entire journey, ideal for late-night conversations or having a few drinks without disturbingany of your fellow passengers who want to have a rest.

Everyone can find the right service for their needs and budgets. For families and groups of friends, the 4- or 6-berth couchettes offer an affordable, yet comfortable and safe sleeping option, while couples and smaller families can enjoy the experience of a special rolling hotel room in the 1-3-bed sleeping cabins. We await all our passengers with mineral water in the evening and hot drinks and breakfast in the morning - and those traveling in the sleeping car can choose from several breakfast menus, which can also be enjoyed in the dining car – all these services included in the price of the ticket! All our cabins are air conditioned and have power sockets. Carriage attendants ensure the comfort and safety of passengers throughout the journey, and additional food and beverages can be purchased from them at reasonable prices.


  • The couchette cars have 4 and 6-berth cabins, which can be booked entirely as a private compartment, or individually with other passengers. The compartments are mixed-sex accommodation, but there is also a limited number of women-only compartments.
  • Passengers are provided with bed linen (sheets, pillows, pillowcases, blankets) due to make their beds on their own.
  • We provide passengers with mineral water in the evening and hot drinks along with a simple breakfast in the morning – all included in the price of the ticket.
  • Carriage attendants ensure the comfort and safety of passengers throughout the journey, also selling snacks and beverages at reasonable prices.

50-90.2 sorozatú fekvőhelyes kocsi AdriaAdria



  • In the sleeping car cabins are available with 1, 2 or 3 beds, ensuring higher comfort and on-board service. In case of not booking the entire compartment, passengers are sorted by gender, but it is advised to book cabins corresponding to the number of passengers (eg. double for two persons) for greater privacy.
  • Washbasin and basic toiletries are available in the cabins.
  • We welcome our passengers with freshly made beds.
  • Passengers are provided with mineral water and welcome sweets & drinks in the evening, and a hot drink and a hearty breakfast in the morning – all included in the price of the ticket.
  • Carriage attendants ensure the comfort and safety of passengers throughout the journey, also offering snacks and beverages at reasonable prices.

Adria IC Adria IC Adria IC



  • One of the most elegant dining cars of the Hungarian railway runs in our train, which previously served in government protocol trains. The air-conditioned dining car is open and offers high quality services during the whole route. It is up to you whether to go to bed or enjoy the unique athmosphere of the night trip in the well equiped dining car.
  • After boarding, take your place in the sleeping or couchette coach, then come to the dining car for You can enjoy the sunset at Lake Balaton while having a delicious dinner Our offer includes soups, classic main courses, burgers, desserts, snacks, hot drinks, soft drinks, and quality alcoholic beverages. Our dining car is a great place to have a chat, have a celebration or even make new acquaintances after dinner.
  • In the morning the dining car is filled with the smell of freshly baked buns and delicious coffee, as we are approaching the sea with tables set for breakfast. A wide selection of breakfast menus with egg dishes, cold cuts and cheese selections are available on our menu, but you can also choose between an English breakfast or a sweet breakfast.
  • Payments can be made in HUF, EUR or HRK in cash, but we also accept credit cards.

Adria IC Adria IC Adria IC

Continuing your trip

Timetables for ferries from Split to the surrounding islands (Brač, Hvar, Komiža, Korčula) can be found on the website of the shipping company Jadrolinija.

From Kaštel Stari Station, the popular Trogir can be reached by bus or taxi.


Prices and types of tickets

Tickets including reservation are available for the following prices per person and direction:


Couchette car

Sleeping car


6-berth compartment

4-berth compartment

3-bed compartment (Triple)

2-bed compartment (Double)

Single compartment

Adria Promo (lowest price, subject to availability)


43 €

49 €

56 €

69 €

99 €

Children between 6-14

15 €

21 €

28 €

41 €


Adria Flex (change or refund permitted)


from 58 €

from 59 €

from 66 €

from 79 €

from 109 €



Terms and conditions

Adria Promo

Adria Flex


day shown on ticket

day shown on ticket

Train boundary

to train shown on ticket

to train shown on ticket

Comfort class

as shown on ticket

as shown on ticket

Upgrade to higher class

only within the same category (couchette/sleeper)


Interruption of journey

not possible

not possible


not possible

possible until the train’s departure (applying a 10-50% administration fee)

Child discount

Between ages 6 to 14 on the prices stated above (passengers under 6 travel for free without occupying an own place)

Between ages 6 to 14 on the prices stated above (passengers under 6 travel for free without occupying an own place)

Available at

ticket offices and online

ticket offices and online

Special offers

  • Family compartment: Travelers with children can book their own compartment for € 179 while stocks last! The family compartment can be used by 2-6 passengers, of which 1-4 people can be children and 1-4 can be adults.
  • Private compartment: 4-6 passengers can buy their own compartment, starting from 209 €!


Travelers with Interrail passes valid in both countries must pay the following surcharges per person and direction:

Couchette car

Sleeping car

compartment with 6 berths

compartment with 4 berths

compartment with 3 beds (Triple)

compartment with 2 beds (Double)

compartment with 1 bed (Single)

28 €

34 €

41 €

54 €

84 €

Animals and bicycles are not allowed on the train!

Tickets can be purchased in international ticket offices of MÁV-START, GySEV and our partner railways, and on, even without registration. Tickets purchased online can be printed out, but also presented from the MÁV application.


Current  / HUF rate

International tickets can also be paid in HUF or in EUR at any of our international ticket offices - at the exchange rate below. For more information about your international travel, please call MÁVDIREKT on +36 (1) 3 49 49 49 or visit our international ticket offices.