Night train connection between Budapest and Berlin

Berlin EuroNightRunning of Metropol EuroNight train to Berlin allows you to travel from the Hungarian capital to the German capital without having to change trains.

Besides travelling directly, the EuroNight train also offers high standard services on board.

The train runs daily from Budapest to Berlin through Poland via Wrocław.

We welcome passengers with good prices and beds made!

The train runs every day with sitting car, couchette and sleeping car.

Ülőhelyes kocsi Fekvőhelyes kocsi Hálókocsi

Sitting car:

● 1st class compartment car, which is also available with a 2nd class ticket

● Spacious compartment, plenty of legroom

● Comfortable, large and adjustable seats with headrest

● Food and beverages served at your seat from the on-board buffet

Couchette car:

● 6-berth or 4-berth compartments with curtains on the corridor side

● Sheet, blanket and pillow for each bed

● Breakfast selection, a bottle of mineral water for the night included in the ticket price

Sleeping car:

● 3, 2 or 1-berth compartment with a wall on the corridor side and window blinds

● Bed made, private washbasin in the compartment

● Breakfast selection, a bottle of mineral water for the night included in the ticket price

Tickets are available from the following prices (limited availability):

Comfort category Price per person and direction
Sitting car 29 €
Couchette car 6-bed compartment 39 €
4-bed compartment 59 €
Sleeping car 3-bed compartment (Triple) 69 €
2-bed compartment (Double) 89 €
1-bed compartment (Single) 129 €

Seat reservation is included in the ticket for Metropol EuroNight.

On-board catering

We serve breakfast before arrival to passengers travelling in couchettes and sleepers, which is likewise included in the ticket price.

Click here for the sleeper breakfast selection

Click here for the couchette breakfast selection

Reggeli felszolgálása

There is an on-board buffet in the steward's compartment in couchettes and sleepers where we offer hot meals, snacks, quality wine, a variety of beers, spirits and soft drinks not only to passengers travelling in couchettes and sleepers, but to passengers travelling in coach cars.

Click here for the on-board buffet selection

Büfé meleg étellel

Berlin-Budapest EN

Cars running to Berlin depart with the Břeclav Metropol EuroNight train.

Timetable (Budapest-Keleti – Berlin-Charlottenburg)

Budapest-Keleti (departure) 19:25
Vác (departure) 20:07
Wrocław Główny (arrival) 5:05
Berlin Ostbahnhof (arrival) 9:06
Berlin Hauptbahnhof (arrival) 9:16
Berlin-Charlottenburg (arrival) 9:36

Beer in the evening in Berlin, coffee in the morning in Budapest

Berlin-Budapest EN

Cars running from Berlin to Budapest depart together with the Vienna Nightjet train.

Timetable (Berlin-Charlottenburg – Budapest-Keleti)

Berlin-Charlottenburg (departure) 18:22
Berlin Hauptbahnhof (departure) 18:40
Berlin Ostbahnhof (departure) 18:51
Wrocław Główny (departure) 23:00
Vác (arrival) 7:48
Budapest-Keleti (arrival) 8:35

Why is it worth choosing the night train?

– We offer comfortable seats in modern cars in several classes;

– Travelling does not make you lose any of your precious time you would rather spend on other activities, since you travel by night;

– You can save money on accommodation by spending the night on the train without having to miss the comfort of a made bed;

– The train stops at the railway station located in the middle of the cities, enabling you to get to your destination with ease, quickly and cheaply;

– No hidden costs, free luggage transport even in the case of a suitcase or a travel bag;

– Travelling on a night train offers a unique experience for both families with children and groups of friends.

We hope to see you on board our direct Berlin night train!