Coronavirus - travel and refund information

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Information on refunds

Due to the current pandemic situation and the foreign railway companies’s taken and called measures MÁV-START’s passengers can obtain a full refund on international tickets regardless of destination country if the passenger cancels the journey.

Following the current regulations international train tickets can be purchased without limit only those railroads where no restrictions in transport. Due to the pandemic situation and the Hungarian government’s directives MÁV-START offers full refund on its international tickets and reservation fee without service charge, if the ticket purchased before 1 June 2020 and its validity starts until 15 July 2020 and if the passanger cancels the journey.

By international tickets that was purchased in ticket offices, passengers can personally submit their refund request at international ticket offices / at customer service or e-mail to eszrevetel [KUKAC] but in this case passenger must post the original tickets to MÁV-START Zrt. Customer Service (Post Address: P.O Box 56, Budapest, H-1426 Hungary). In your letter please to refer to the e-mail address from where your ticket purchased or / and sent the original request e-mail.

If the international ticket’s cost was not more than 50 000 Ft and it was bought in the ticket office by credit/debit card or cash, passenger can ask immediately refund at international ticket offices or at customer service. (By credit / debit card purchased tickets cost will be transfer to the bank account.)

If the international ticket’s cost was more than 50 000 Ft simply download and complete refund claim form and in case MÁV-START will transfer the ticket cost to the provided bank account. By online ticket purchase submit refund request via e-mail to eszrevetel [KUKAC]