START Klub Card

Travelling is always fun. It is nice to be lost to the world watching the ever-changing landscape; to daydream while listening to music on the way to our beloved ones; to be lost in the papers sipping a nice cup of hot coffee; to go on a trip with friends and family. Travelling is fun and it is worth doing it with a START Club Card. The use of START Club Card introduced by MÁV-START enables you to travel half price in Hungary without any limit even through the whole year if you wish. It is worth acquiring this START Klub Carddiscount card as soon as possible. After filling out the claim form and sending a photo you can almost take the discount for granted. The only thing left is to hand in the form to any ticket office or indicated railway station cash desk, and you can immediately buy the “discount” entitling you to half-price railway journeys*. The blue plastic card enables you to make a claim on RAILPLUS reductions when you travel abroad. From this point it is only up to your wishes where to travel with your START Club Card. And the money saved up during your journeys can pay for further journeys in the forthcoming month. Because travelling is fun!

Every Saturday the START Klub Cald enables not only its owner, but 1 extra person as well, to have a resort to travel with 50% discount.START KLUB


For further information you are kindly advised to call MÁVDIREKT at +36 (1) 3 49 49 49, as the number of allowances is growing.

Prices for the Card:

For half a year under 26 years of age: 14 900

HUF; over 26 years of age: 19 900 HUF

For a year under 26 years of age: 24 900

HUF; over 26 years of age: 34 900 HUF

*The discount is valid for 2nd class journey, whitout reservation. In case of travelling on 1st class, themargin is to be payed!