Sleeping car

It is a pleasant experience to travel on a train. Everybody is greatly enjoys a journey in the sleeping car or couchette. During the journey all our passengers save time if they make use of the services offered by a sleeping car or couchette on both legs of the journey. It is not necessary to get to the train several hours before departure. There is a lot of space available for the passengers, they can change their position: they can stand, sit, walk, sleep. Crowds and queues can be completely avoided as the tickets are for seats and beds, and can be purchased in advance in the ticket office of MÁV-START Zrt., and at the railway stations.Sleeping car

The sleeping car is a modern, comfortable, nostalgic and romantic way of embarking on a journey and offers a special ambiance. As a matter of fact the sleeping cars are hotels running on tracks, with carpeted compartments, where the beds are covered by freshly washed sheets, blankets and quilts. There are three beds in all compartments. The compartments of the sleeping cars have a wash basin, towels and toiletry are available for passengers.

The compartments can be booked for three persons, (tourist booking), two persons (double booking), and one person (single booking). The allocation of places in the sleping car can be seen here:

Sleeping car

When you travel, you do not have to book the whole compartment, it may be enough to book 1 or 2 beds. If it is the case, you will share the compartment with other fellow passengers. This solution is much cheaper than travelling in a single compartment. Men and women can travel in different compartments. For example, a woman travelling on her own in a compartment with tourist booking, will travel with female fellow passengers. A couple travelling together with only tourist booking will travel separately. If a couple books a double compartment, they will not have to share it with anyone else.

Here you can see the numbering system of the sleeping cars, which can often be misunderstood. If a double compartment is booked, the two beds on the supplementary ticket indicate the lower and the upper beds, the third (in the middle) remains empty. For example, if the supplementary ticket of the sleeping car features 21 and 25, then it refers to the lower and upper bed of compartment no. 2. In the sleeping car is also possible to connect two compartments to make it possible for families and friends to travel together, but nevertheless separately.


The attendant welcomes the passengers at the entrance to the sleeping car, inspects the booking documents and sees everybody to his compartment. As the passengers have made themselves comfortable, the attendant asks for the tickets, and will only return them at the end of the journey. The door to the compartments is fitted with traditional and safety lock (or chain), which cannot be opened from the outside.

Trains with sleeping cars go to Germany, Italy, Poland and Romania all your round. In the summer we also operate trains to the beaches of Croatia and Bulgaria.

Every car has an attendant who is responsible for overseeing order and security, and is available at all times to serve passengers in every possible way. During the journey there is a buffet available, orders are to be placed with the attendant.