Preparing for the journey

Dear Passengers,

Thank you for thinking of the railway during your preparations for your journey. To facilitate your journey, let us give you a brief overview of the conditions of railway travel.

Be well-informed!

You are kindly informed that the 1 and 2 HUF coins were withdrawn as of March 1, 2008. MÁV-START Zrt. has updated the price of the domestic tickets in line with the regulation, which means that the final amounts end in 0 or 5 HUF. The updating did not entail an increase in the prices, as in the majority of cases the prices were rounded down. The international ticket prices are rounded down, and always ticket by ticket. If the passenger of MÁV-START Zrt. is entitled to a ticket refund, rounding is done in the ticket offices in line with the legal regulations.

To plan your journey, you can receive the necessary information at the +36 (1) 3 49 49 49 telephone number, on our website, at the informacio [KUKAC] e-mail address, and at the railway stations. Do not forget to ask about our available concessions!


Purchasing tickets

The ticket sale will start as traffic requires, - but not later than 30 minutes prior to the departure of the train according to time-table. Some ticket sale employees are responsible for other platform duties and so ticket sales may close 5 minutes prior to the departure of the train.

Please, make sure you have enough time to buy your ticket before starting your journey! If you want to be on the safe side, you can avoid crowds and queues by purchasing your ticket in advance.

Even two months ahead of your journey you can buy the ticket. The beginning of the ticket’s validity period will be the day you specify.

Do you want to make your journey earlier because of an unexpected event? All you have to do is to validate your ticket before your actual departure.

If you do not know the date of your journey, buy your ticket without a validity period. This ticket has to be validated at the station before your departure.

Please, make sure if your travel card or other document entitling you for the concession is valid. The conductor on the train shall check if you are entitled to the concession. Please, help with his work!

If you wish to take an IC or IP train during your journey, please indicate it on purchasing the ticket so that the cashier can issue you the required supplementary ticket, seat reservation.

Please, check your ticket and your change before leaving the ticket office. No complaints can be received once you have left the ticket office.

If you get on the train on such a station or stop where there is no ticket sale, the conductor will sell you the appropriate ticket without any supplementary fee. Make sure you have a valid ticket before you get into a train or train car without conductor (the letters KN indicate it).


Please, take a seat in the car class that complies with your ticket.

Please, make sure your conduct during the journey does not disturb your fellow passengers. If you notice any anomaly during the journey, ask for the help of the conductor. Be aware of the needs of your fellow passengers when regulating heating, lighting or ventilation.

When tickets are checked, please give your ticket to the railway staff (conductor, service inspector or quality insurance controller), and if you have a concessionary ticket, prove your eligibility as required.

On trains marked as non-smoking in the time-table smoking is forbidden even if there is no non-smoking sign in some of the cars. There is a 2. class car designated for smoking on the domestic InterCity trains, whereas on InterCity trains with cars where no supplementary fee is required smoking is allowed in the designated parts of the cars where no supplementary fee is required. Smoking is forbidden in the corridors and vestibule of the non-smoking cars or car sections! We are asking our smoking passengers to observe our regulations and thus show consideration for their non-smoking fellow-passengers!


Into the passenger cars take only such hand luggage which you can put on the luggage rack or can fit under the seat. Please, do not put your hand luggage on the aisle of the car, on the seats or between the seats for the comfortable and safe journey of your fellow passengers. The weight of the hand luggage cannot exceed 30 kg. If you ant to take bulky item of luggage, ask for the relevant conditions before the journey. Just like hand luggage, the following can also be taken into the passenger car free of charge:

· wheel chair,

· pram,

· umbrella,

· walking stick,

· crutches, walker

· portable musical instrument in its case,

· wreath for a grave,

The following can also be taken into the 2. class passenger car:

· dismantleable rubber or canvass boat and its parts,

· collapsible bicycle (in a collapsed state),

· ski equipment,

· sports equipment,

· plastic barrel.

Into the 2. class car of a train where no supplementary fee and seat reservation, no seat reservation, no supplementary fee is required one suitably packed

· fir tree, ornamental shrubbery, sapling not exceeding 2 meters,

· a hand tool not exceeding 2 meters in length

can be taken per passenger, whose dimensions are not over 30×50×80 cm.

Transporting live animals

Passengers can be accompanied by a small live animal in the 2nd. class passenger car without a health clearance provided the animal is carried in a suitably closed container (basket, cage or box) which keeps the animal contained throughout the journey, and the container is suitable to protect the passengers, the clothing of the passengers and their hand luggage, and the railway furnishings.

Apart from the guide dog no live animal can be taken into the

· 1. class car,

· dining car

· trains and cars requiring seat reservation.

For dogs transported together with the owner live animal fare shall be paid, regardless whether the dog is on a leash, wearing a muzzle or in a basket, cage box or any other container in the passenger car. One passenger can take maximum two dogs. Dogs can only be taken into the compartment of the 2. class cars with the permission of all passengers sitting in the compartment. A large dog weighing more than 20 kg can only be transported on the platform of the passenger car.

Supplementary fees

We would kindly point out that those not complying with these travelling conditions will be liable to the supplementary surcharge as set out in the Passenger Transportation Rules of MÁV-START Zrt.


If you want to share your journey related experience, complaint with us, you can do it:

· via the post: MÁV-START Zrt. Ügyfélszolgálat 1426 Budapest Pf.: 56

· via e-mail: eszrevetel [KUKAC],

· on the phone: +36 (1) 3 49 49 49

The report shall contain the contact address of the person making the comment so that we can respond to it, and the detailed description of the case being reported. For the assessment of a claim for financial compensation, the railway company may ask the passenger to present his ticket, journey document proving that he used the service in compliance with the relevant provisions. One copy of the entry made into the Book of passengers shall be given to the person making the entry.

The railway company will respond to the comment made by the passenger within 15 days. The deadline begins when the letter is delivered to Central Customer Service, the electronic letter appears on the computer of Central Customer Service, the telephone conversation takes place, or when the entry is made into the Book of passengers.

The railway company will start the investigation of the comment without delay. If the investigation can be carried out within the deadline, it will send a substantive response before the deadline expires. If the investigation – because of the involvement of an authority, other railway company, hearing of an employee – takes more time, the railway company will send an interim notification within the 15 day deadline to inform the passenger about the measures taken so far.