MÁV-START Catering

Many may think that it is the rush of life that is behind the coexistence of travel and catering. Railway catering, however, looks back on a very long tradition, has a bright and long history.

Hungarian Railways launched its domestic sleeping car and dining car service in 1890.

Our ancestors always provided the service in line with the level of the given age, and the requirements of the passengers. Let us just remind ourselves of the legendary Orient Express, which has inspired several novels and films.

During the decades railway catering has undergone a major development. Today the services of Railway catering are available in the dining cars of both domestic and international trains, and on night trains.

It is possible to rent special cars, to organise different group events, eg. rolling trainings and weddings.

Railway catering lays great emphasis on the quality of its services, complies with new expectations to deliver passenger comfort and satisfaction.

The expertise and language skills of our staff perfectly supplement our package of services to be provided for our passengers.