From June 20, the schedule of international trains change on the Budapest-Nyugati – Szob line

Due to serious damages on the line, from June 20th, the timetable of international trains departing/arriving from/to Budapest-Nyugati change until further notice. All the international trains between Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary are involved. Trains EN Metropol, EC280/281 Metropolitan and EC Báthory depart and arrive from Budapest-Keleti station instead of Nyugati, the other trains only run until / from Szob border station, where replacement service is available. This way, the schedules are significantly modified, passengers should expect increased travel times.

Trains departing from Budapest-Keleti instead of Nyugati station:

  • EC280 Metropolitan train to Prague at 4:50,
  • EC130 Báthory Terespol, Warsaw and Kraków at 8:01,
  • EN476 Metropol to Berlin, Warsaw, Prague at 19:01.

Trains arriving to Budapest-Keleti instead of Nyugati station:

  • EC281 Metropolitan from Prague at 22:58,
  • EC131 Báthory from Terespol, Warsaw and Kraków at  20:58,
  • EN477 Metropol from Berlin, Warsaw, Prague at 9:14.

The trains run on diverted route via Rajka border station, stopping in both directions in Budapest-Kelenföld and Győr stations. Therefore,the listed trains do not serve Budapest-Nyugati, Vác, Nagymaros-Visegrád, Szob, Štúrovo, Nové Zámky stations.

Trains only running to / from Szob border station instead of Budapest-Nyugati:

With the exception of the first departing and the last arriving  – 280, 281 –,  all  EC Metropolitan trains (278, 276, 274, 272, 270, 271, 273, 275, 277, 279) and EC286/287 Hungária only run until Szob border station instead of Budapest-Nyugati.

International trains departing from Szob can be reached from Budapest-Nyugati, with a departure time of 32 minutes earlier (xx:x8 instead of xx:40), with Z70 train to Nagymaros. From Nagymaros, replacement buses run to Szob station.

Passengers of the international trains arriving in Szob can travel from Szob to Nagymaros by a train replacement bus, from where a connecting Z70 train departs to Budapest-Nyugati. The journey time to the Nyugati station is 34 minutes longer than the original timetable.

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia affected trains run on a shortened route according to original timetable.