Fast train supplement

As of 15 May 2013, fast train supplement is obligatory on certain fast and semi-fast trains that are marked in the official timetable.

Price of fast train supplement depends on the distance travelled on the train with obligatory supplement. The fast train supplement is valid on any train with obligatory fast train supplement, within its validity period and between the stations printed on the ticket.

Validity period of the fast train supplement is the same as the validity period of a regular ticket for the same distance.

Terms of use

The fast train supplement is not bound to a specific train and does not guarantee a reserved seat. Stopover is allowed in accordance with the General Terms & Conditions. Pets and bicycles can be carried without fast train supplement.

If there is no ticket counter or vending machine at the departure station, the fast train supplement can be bought on board of the train for the whole journey without penalty.

Travelling within Budapest and in the vicinity of Budapest

Budapest Pass is valid for travelling on trains with obligatory fast train supplement, but the fast train supplement must be purchased.


The following passengers are allowed to travel without purchasing the fast train supplement:

  • Passengers with an international train ticket,
  • Passengers with monthly, half-monthly or 30-day train pass,
  • Children under 3 years if they do not occupy a separate seat,
  • Passengers travelling with START Klub 50%, START Klub Bónusz, START Klub VIP or START Klub Prémium card; on Saturdays also 1 accompanying passenger travelling together with the card holder (companion discount),
  • Passengers with Balaton Mix ticket (exemption is not valid for the connecting return-trip discount; fast train supplement must be purchased for the route of the return-trip discount ticket).

Passengers are exempt from purchasing the fast train supplement, when travelling within the following routes:

  • Püspökladány – Biharkeresztes,
  • Békéscsaba – Lőkösháza,
  • Nyíregyháza – Záhony.

Travellers with ticket purchased online are exempt from purchasing the fast train surcharge if the journey is completed by 31 May 2013, 11:59 p.m.

Fixed-rate compensation

The passenger is entitled to compensation, when a domestic train with obligatory fast train supplement has been delayed due to the error of the railway company. The confirmation of delay issued by the conductor, which proves that the passenger actually travelled on the delayed train, must always be attached to the claim for compensation. The fixed-rate compensation is 25% of the price of the ticket in case of 30 – 119 minutes of delay; and 50% of the price of the ticket in case of delay of 120 minutes or above.

Price of fast train supplement

Km Price   Km Price
10 HUF 150   120 HUF 175
15 HUF 150   140 HUF 205
20 HUF 150   160 HUF 235
25 HUF 150   180 HUF 265
30 HUF 150   200 HUF 295
35 HUF 150   220 HUF 325
40 HUF 150   240 HUF 355
45 HUF 150   260 HUF 380
50 HUF 150   280 HUF 410
60 HUF 150   300 HUF 440
70 HUF 150   350 HUF 515
80 HUF 150   400 HUF 590
90 HUF 150   450 HUF 660
100 HUF 150   500 HUF 735
120 HUF 175   above 500 HUF 735

Click here for the list of trains with obligatory fast train supplement.