The Europa Sparpreise/City-Star includes bilateral and multilateral offers, mainly for small groups (maximum 5 persons travelling together). We recommend it for family journeys, the offer entitles you to buy concessionary tickets.

The Europa Sparpreise/CityStar concession can be purchased in the following international ticket offices:

  • Austria
  • Bulgaria (via Romania or Serbia)
  • Czech Republic
  • Greece (via Romania and Bulgaria)
  • Germany (via Austria or via Slovakia and the Czech Republic

To be able to qualify for the offer, at least part of the Saturday or Sunday must elapse between the outward and the return journey.

The validity period of the Europa Sparpreise/City-Star tickets is 2 months, the exception being Germany where it is 1 month. The ticket for the outward and the return journey can be issued for the same border crossing point(s), but via a different route.

The Europa Sparpreise/City-Star offer contains the supplementary fare to be paid on the EC, and IC trains. For trains with mandatory seat reservation the price of the seat reservation shall also be paid, but it is not included in the ticket price.

To find out about the prices and the conditions of the offer, please inquire in our international ticket offices or from MÁVDIREKT at +36 (1) 3 49 49 49.


RailPlusThe holder of the RAILPLUS card can buy an international railway ticket with a 15% discount in most of the European countries. (Sometimes the discount may be even higher.) The RailPlus card is personal, not transferable, and valid for one year from the date of purchase and is required for obtaining a concession fare.

For adults it costs 25 €, for children, for youth under 26 and for people over 60 it costs 15 €.

The RAILPLUS card is accepted in the following countries:The RAILPLUS is valid for the ships of Attica Group on the Adriatic, but is not valid for the Thalys and Eurostar trains.

When your ticket is inspected, show your RAILPLUS card to the conductor and prove that the data on it are authentic.

The RAILPLUS card can be purchased in all international ticket offices and in our partner travel offices. The prices in Euro shall always be paid in HUF with the rate of exchange defined by MÁV-START Zrt. So that you can get to know the details of the offer, please read the following summary or ask for information in our international ticket offices, or call MÁVDIREKT at +36 (1) 3 49 49.