Due to maintenance works, Keleti Railway Station will be closed

Due to maintenance works, Budapest Keleti Railway Station will be closed from 13 May until 26 May, which will affect several train schedules, routes, and terminals. It is a huge task to exclude such a major railway station from the service market and to plan a passenger-friendly schedule for this period. Using the maximum capacity of the Nyugati and Déli Railway Stations, as well as the stations in the peripheral districts, the railway company has compiled a schedule that will satisfy a number of connection and passenger needs, aligning it with the traffic system introduced for the renovation period for the Kelenföld-Pusztaszabolcs and Rákos-Hatvan railway lines. As part of the maintenance the tracks will be repaired, the points will be exchanged, and the entire hall will get a unified asphalt pavement.

Áttkintő térkép a Budapest-Keleti lezárása miatti közlekedési változásokról

Information about the maintenance

During the complete closure of the Keleti Railway Station, previously planned maintenance works will be carried out on the tracks, points, traffic control devices, overhead contact line network, and on the platforms - which can only be carried out only when the railway service is completely interrupted. In this case, the infrastructure of the railway station is freely accessible and the available budget can also be used efficiently.

As a result of the installation works - to be performed by more than a hundred professionals and the use of many machines and railway- and road-vehicles - the operation of the various devices at Keleti Railway Station will improve, and the number of failures will be significantly reduced. Work on the railway track will help prevent speed restrictions, improve schedules, and reduce the number of technical failures.

During the two weeks, the railway track will be improved on the entire network of the railway station. The passenger platforms will get a new asphalt pavement throughout the hall; maintenance works will be performed on the overhead line network of the entire station, including safety devices, power supply, and lighting; a new passenger information LED board will be installed in the hall; the old, out-of use buffets and kiosks will be dismantled; the benches, trash cans and passenger information signs will be replaced; the damaged walls in the hall and passenger areas will be repaired; and the green areas near the main and side entrances will be tidied and decorated with flowers.

Railway service during the maintenance works of the Keleti Railway Station

Budapest-Győr-Hegyeshalom line
  • Express trains on the Hegyeshalom–Budapest-Keleti and Budapest-Keleti–Győr (G10) lines will arrive at and depart from Kőbánya-Kispest station, or will stop at Ferencváros station. The InterCity trains from Sopron and Szombathely will temporarily stop at Déli Railway Station.
  • International trains - EuroCity, EuroNight and Railjet trains - commuting on the Budapest-Győr-Hegyeshalom line will arrive at and depart from Déli Railway Station. The terminal for Avala EuroCity and Lehár EuroCity trains serving the Budapest-Keleti–Győr–Vienna line, and the Kálmán Imre EuroNight trains serving the Budapest-Keleti–Munich line, will be at Kelenföld station

Közlekedési rend a Budapest-Győr-Hegyeshalom vonalon

Budapest-Pusztaszabolcs-Pécs line
  • The trains of Pécs line InterCity and express trains of Budapest–Baja–Sárbogárd line will depart from and arrive at Kelenföld.
  • At 18:55 train number 8018 will depart from Déli station to Dombóvárinstead of the train number 4218 in relation of Budapest-Déli – Dunaújváros and the train number 8048 in relation of Pusztaszabolcs-Dombóvár.

Közlekedési rend a Budapest-Pusztaszabolcs-Pécs vonalon 

Aszód-Balassagyarmat line
  • Between Aszód and Balassagyarmat, passengers will be transported by replacement buses, from which they can change at Gödöllő bus station for train replacement buses ‘Gy’, in service between Hatvan and Budapest, Stadionok Bus Station.

Közlekedési rend az Aszód-Balassagyarmat vonalon

  • The trains run every hour from Piliscsaba to Pécel and from Aszód to Hatvan. From Aszód to Pécel there are train replacement buses ’S80’ which are to stop at every station. To improve the service in the area, there will be express train replacement buses ’G80’ on the Aszód-Rákos-Sörgyár line (BKK). In the case of trains, it will be possible to get from Rákos station to Kőbánya felső, Ferencváros and Kelenföld railway stations, as well as to get back to Rákos, by changing trains. From Kőbánya felső and Sörgyár BKK stations passengers can get to Népszínház Street or Blaha Lujza Square by taking Tram 37. From and to Újpest station, passengers can take underground line M2. See more information on the schedule on the page about Budapest-Hatvan track closure.
Budapest-Hatvan-Miskolc-Sátoraljaújhely line
  • Due to track maintenance works to be carried out between Rákos and Hatvan, the trains will be in service according to an amended schedule.
  • Between Budapest-Keleti Verseny Street and Hatvan railway station there will be replacement buses in service instead of InterCity trains.
  • Between Budapest, Stadionok Bus Station and Hatvan railway station there will be replacement buses in service instead of fast and express trains.

Közlekedési rend a Budapest-Hatvan-Miskolc vonalon 

Budapest-Újszász-Szolnok-Békéscsaba-Lőkösháza line
  • On Budapest–Újszász–Szolnok line, Szolnok trains (Z60) and daily Sülysáp trains (S60) will arrive at and depart from Kelenföld. Fast passenger trains from Sülysáp, Nagykáta and Szolnok (G60) in service on work days will arrive at and depart from Kőbánya felső. The daily morning fast train from Szolnok and passenger trains from Nagykáta will arrive at Kelenföld.
  • The InterCity and express trains in service on Budapest–Szolnok–Békéscsaba–Lőkösháza line will arrive at and depart from Nyugati station. For technical reasons long distance trains will be in service on the line without Intercity carriages as express trains. Naturally, these can be used without making reservations or booking IC extra tickets.
  • International trains to and from Romania on the Budapest–Szolnok–Békéscsaba–Lőkösháza route (except for Dacia and Transilvania trains) will arrive at and depart from Nyugati station

A gyors és InterCity vonatok közlekedése 

Budapest-Szolnok-Debrecen-Nyíregyháza-Záhony line
  • In the daytime the fast trains between Budapest-Nyugati and Záhony station will be in service only between Szolnok and Záhony. Between Budapest-Nyugati and Szolnok direct change will be provided between Budapest-Nyugati and Szolnok (On 14 and 15 May from 6:05 to 11:15 between Tuzsér and Záhony there will be train replacement buses in service.)
  • Corona and Hargita InterCity trains in service on the Budapest-Brasov line will arrive at and depart from Kőbánya-Kispest.

Közlekedési rend a Budapest-Cegléd-Szolnok vonalon 

Budapest-Dabas-Lajosmizse line
  • From 8:00 to 20:00 the trains in service on the Budapest–Dabas–Lajosmizse line will depart from and arrive at Zugló.

Közlekedési rend a Budapest-Lajosmizse vonalon

Budapest-Kunszentmiklós-Tass-Kelebia line
  • Passenger trains from Kelebia and international express trains will depart from and arrive at Kőbánya-Kispest.

Közlekedési rend a Budapest-Kunszentmiklós-Tass-Kelebia vonalon

Other lines affected by the maintenance

Tapolca–Székesfehérvár–Budapest line:

  • Train 19713 from Tapolca at 15:50 will stop at Kelenföld instead of Budapest Déli Railway Station.

Szolnok–Hódmezővásárhely vasútvonal:

  • Train 17203 will be in service according to an amended schedule.
Other international trains affected by the maintenance works 

Dacia international express train in service between Bucharest and Vienna, Hortobágy EuroCity between Záhony and Vienna and Transilvania EuroCity between Cluj and Vienna, will not stop at Keleti.

Tram 37 and underground line M4

During the closure of Keleti Railway Station, trams 37 and 37/A will be in service at reduced intervals. Every 7.5 minutes, passengers may use these trams between Sörgyár stop/ Kőbánya felső railway station and Blaha Lujza tér underground station (Népszínház Street) by presenting their railway passes.

Changing connections between trains and trams will be at Kőbánya.

Átszállás Kőbánya felsőn

Changing connections between train replacement buses and trams will be at Sörgyár stop.

Átszállás Sörgyár megállóhelynél

Restricted operation of the ticket offices and customer service

From 13 May until 26 May the passenger hall and the area in front of the inland booking offices at Keleti Railway Station will also be closed. MÁV-START intends to provide services for passengers at the international ticket offices, accessible from Thököly Road, where there will be 4 domestic and 4 international ticket offices (will be open between 5:25 and 19:40) and 1 information office (will be open between 7:00 and 19:00). During the closure, the vending machine will not operate at the railway station. To avoid congestion due to reduced capacity and less space, we recommend that you purchase your domestic tickets from the Train Info application or the internet by choosing the e-train ticket, thus avoiding queuing. The government office will be closed on Thököly Road.